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Trends 2014: ‘GP Natural Cosmetics’ brings back purple liaisons

Trends 2014: 'GP Natural Cosmetics' brings back purple liaisons
Glenda Betancout, CEO & Founder of GP Natural Cosmetics.
Image by Humberto Vidal.
Make-up & Stylist by Armandeus Salon.
Location: Chef on Waters.

By Lissette Rondon.
Coming from…Trends 2014: “The Melting Pot” Effect.

Glenda Betancourt, CEO and Founder of GP Natural Cosmetics has turned her passion into a business with great dedication, conquering the Anglo-market in addition to leading Latin-America market in the major countries of South America.

“I remember how afraid I was building my first foundations of makeup when I started knocking on doors of people who gave me the opportunity to present my products,” said Betancourt. “I explained to them that our cosmetic line had nothing to envy others and cost a third of these international brands.”

In the last few years, Betancourt’s company has expanded very fast, reaching its penetration in spas, salons, pharmacies and major boutiques in our city, including LOCATEL stores. Her cosmetics line has been featured on “CNN Español,” charity events and some of the best fashion shows in Miami.

Trends 2014: 'GP Natural Cosmetics' brings back purple liaisons
Glenda Betancourt: Another woman on the rise!
Image by Humberto Vidal
Makeup & Stylists: Armandeus Salon
Location: Chef on Waters.
MFS: In this “Melting Pot” that is Miami, is there any city or culture that has influenced your 2014 beauty trends?

“Yes, I’m very passionate about the makeup of France XVIII. In that century, Paris became the capital of fashion with impressive and extravagant styles. Since then, they dictate the trends that will be followed by the whole world in hair, makeup, and fashion with great glamour, reminiscent of the old divas of France, as the seductive and beautiful, Marie Antoinette,” said Betancourt. “Today, Paris is a cosmopolitan city and I visited it last year for source of inspiration of my GP Natural Cosmetics 2014 Collections.”

MFS- What did you like most about France XVIII?

“The makeup of the era, especially the queen, Marie Antoinette — the make-up was the opposite of what women use today. Women seeking to look as pale as possible, the necklines were very pronounced, but the clothes hid the rest of the body. The most common was the powder as a base for the face, neck and chest, always white because it was inappropriate for royalty be tan. The eyebrows were darkened to bold them and used strong colors to blush, covering their cheeks with rich tones. It wasn’t common to overdo the makeup (even if those who had exceeded, it is known through her brother that Marie Antoinette was loaded with makeup). It is not true that women lived with all kinds of colors as they are sometimes overly represented, especially at the end of the century, when the natural style was implemented and getting stronger. “

MFS- Is there any beauty collection that you will name after France XVIII?

“Yes, GP Natural Cosmetics will present its new Intensive lipstick 2014 Collection that is a magnificent and creamy lipstick with vitamin E in different shades of purple that have been named “Purple Liaisons,” inspired by Marie Antoinette,” said Betancourt. “Besides we will launch other cosmetic products to make the perfect makeup for our decadent campaign such as: The Eye-shimmer in vibrant shades to help out the eyes in addition to the lips; one “Petal Blush” that will come in three versions (warm colors), peach (Autumn petal), bronze (bronze petal) and pink (garden petal) and one limited edition “Liquid Eyeliner” that will come in intense black and waterproof.”

MFS -Tell us a little more about the strongest beauty trends for 2014?
“In my collections, it will be shadows in gray smoke and versatile tones that we will highlight as never before on our runways. The eyelids dusted with charcoal tones, pearl gray and onyx to give a touch of irreverence,” added Betancourt. “The lips in shades of blackberry Gothic tones – they have become a basic tone for fall–by 2014 these same colors will adopt a bold touch. In contrast to these sophisticated lips, the skin shall look fresh and lighter with shades that will provide a hint of rebellion.”

MFS- Outside the beauty trends, could you make any prediction for 2014?
“Yes, that it will be a lot of decadent influence at events and parties in Miami!” added Betancourt smiling.

More information about GP Natural Cosmetics, please visit: www.gpnaturalcosmetics.com

Contact: gpnatural.cosmetics@gmail.com

Special thanks to:
Photographer: Humberto Vidal
Make-up artist & Hair of Armandeus Salon
Chef Benny Diaz:  Chef on Waters.