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Trends 2014: Karime Demorizi leads ‘How to Focus Your Vision’ in 2014

Trends 2014: Karime Demorizi leads 'How to Focus Your Vision' in 2014
Karime Demorizi, President of Hefziba Communications International.
Image by Humberto Vidal.
Location: Chef on Waters.

By Lissette Rondon.
Coming from…Trends 2014: “The Melting Pot” Effect.

Karime Demorize is the President of Hetziba Communications, TV Radio Host and author of the book“Breaking the Silent,” a book that she wrote after surviving one of the most aggressive cases of domestic violence.

Since then, Demorizi has dedicated her life to helping other victims of the same scourge, running campaigns around the world about domestic violence awareness.

This woman has become a role model in our community not only as philanthropist, but also as a business woman with her conferences, “Focus your Vision” about marketing and publicity. Recently, Demorizi’s company has received the recognition as Hispanic Media by the Mayor of the city of Miami, Thomas Regalado.

Trends 2014: Karime Demorizi leads 'How to Focus Your Vision' in 2014
Karime Demorizi: Another woman on the rise!
Image by Humberto Vidal.
Location: Chef on Waters.

MFS- In this “Melting Pot” that is Miami, is there any culture that has influenced your business for 2014?

“I was born and raised in Colombia and I live here in Miami, but Israel strongly influences my company Hefziba Communications International” added Demorizi. “The company name is Hebrew and means “My delight is in her, the divine love of God is within you.” Our work consists of services; we serve to God, the family, and our community.”

MFS- What did you like most about this culture and why?

“I do like most the respect and fear of God and the union of their families, in addition to the way that they are organized, successful, and prosperous in business,” added Demorizi.

MFS- Is there a project or conference that you will name after this culture?

“Yes, I will launch a new conference in 2014 named ‘Letters from Israel.’ It’s a special project where we will be informing what is happening in this mystic country in our events and through our marketing campaigns” said Demorizi. “The project was inspired by the biblical story of Ruth. When I read the phrase “Your people will be my people and your God will be my God’ (words spoken for a Moabite named Ruth to her mother Nahomi, for her wise decision and through her genealogic family tree came Jesus of Nazareth), I made the decision to create this project to promote this amazing culture.”

MFS- What would be the strongest trends in Marketing and Publicity on 2014?

“The strongest trends will continue to be leading by Facebook and Twitter, so we will give on 2014, conferences to small business on how to work successfully with these social networks,” added Demorizi.

MFS- Outside marketing and publicity, could you make any prediction for 2014?

“Hefziba Comunications International” will launch my second book “Breaking the Silent” and new editions in Portuguese and English, in addition my printed magazine “Cara a Cara” will be launched as an online magazine too with very important new topics.

More information about Hefziba Communications International, please visit:https://www.facebook.com/hefziba.comunication 

Contacts: nkdemo@hotmail.com

Special Thanks to:
Photographer, Humberto Vidal.
Make-up Artists & Stylists of Armandeus Salon.
Chef Benny Diaz : Chef on Waters.