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Trends 2014: The power of ‘Kaizen,’ Frank Diaz hits the road pursuing perfection

Trends 2014: The power of 'Kaizen,' Frank Diaz hits the road pursuing perfection
Frank Diaz, Financial Manager at Lexus of North Miami.
Image: Humberto Vidal.
Stylist: Armandeus Salon.
Location: Chef on Waters.

By Lissette Rondon.
Coming from…Trends 2014: “The Melting Pot Effect.”

Frank Diaz is a financial Manager of Lexus of North Miami who started in the car business three years ago. Diaz was doing another profession and when the economy hit our country, he had to make a decision that changed his life!

“I remember my beginnings, I wasn’t sure what I was doing and I wanted to come back to my old profession even though I knew it wasn’t good at that time,” said Diaz. “I started reading a lot about the kaizen and that gave me the strength to continue.”

Finding the perfect match for his needs, Diaz ended at Lexus of North Miami, where he was surprised by the philosophy of this company—exactly what he was learning through his readings and “changing for the best.” Diaz grew passion for his job, becoming one of the best advisers in the car business in our city.

Trends 2014: The power of 'Kaizen,' Frank Diaz hits the road pursuing perfection
Frank Diaz, one of the best advisers in the car business in  Miami.
Image by Humberto Vidal.
Stylist: Armandeus Salon.
MFS- In this “Melting Pot” that is Miami, is there any culture that influence the car business for 2014?
“I was born and raised here with my Cuban-Salvadorian parents, but I have been influenced by the Japanese culture in my personal life and my job at Lexus of North Miami. The automotive plants of Lexus are renowned globally for their advanced technology and they have become famous for hand craftsmanship, a discipline that goes to deepest roots of Japanese culture. It started a few years ago with the introduction of 10 Takumi, or master craftsmen, at our Tahara plant where the LS flagship, along with other models, was made,” added Diaz. “Today, the Takumi cars (an ancient Japanese word that roughly translates as “artisan”) are highly respected across the entire auto industry. They are tasked with personally ensuring, by hand and eye, coming out of Tahara built and finished with unprecedented standards.”

MFS- What do you like most about the Japanese culture?
“I fell for the kaizen philosophy because it refers to activities that continually improve all functions,” added Diaz. “Kaizen was first implemented in several Japanese businesses after the Second World War, influenced in part by American business and quality management teachers who visited the country. It has since spread throughout the world and is now being implemented in environments outside of business and productivity. It involves all employees from the CEO to the assembly line workers.”

MFS- What are the cars that you will recommend for 2014?
“I would recommend the IS 250 or the IS 350 if you need more power, these cars are fantastic with quality building, typical of Lexus, and from a design point of view are very innovative,” said Diaz.

MFS- What would be the new technologies in cars for 2014?

“The core of Lexus design that will be technologically advanced yet humanized, to create striking design but still be artistic yet unpretentious. We are in the middle of the biggest change in Lexus history—inspired by a new generation of distinctive design,”said Diaz.

MFS- Outside the car business trends, could you make any prediction for 2014?

“Yes… it will be a great year, full of blessings for those who work hard for it and the new I phone 6 will come out!” added Diaz.

More information about Frank Diaz, please visit: www.lexusofnorthmiami.com or contact:frankdiaz1@aol.com

Special thanks to:

– Photographer, Humberto Vidal
– Stylists of: Armandeus Salon
– Chef, Benny Diaz: “Chef on Waters.”