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My 305 Style: Embrace your shape

My 305 Style: Embrace your shape

By Lissette Rondon.
Last Sunday, I was invited to attend the New Year’s concert of Miami Symphony Orchestra, “Ocean Drive in Vienna.”

Petit Pois by Viviana GMiami is always a warm place but these days have been a little cold due to a cold front that has been sweeping the nation. If you had something on your mind to wear, this weather changes everything and you are probably going crazy with your wardrobe.

After a long battle with my closet, I finally picked a verdant green dress from “Petit Pois by Viviana G.” I saw this dress for the first time at Viviana’s look book “From Russian with Love,” last year, and I loved the collection!

The dress defines the waist and bolds the silhouette and it is closed in the neck with long sleeves (what I found perfect for the cold weather issue). I know that Miami is a city where it is all about sexiness but, believe it or not, I looked very sexy in this dress without showing skin.
Earrings and ring:  SEPTIMO by Silvia Fassardi.
Earrings and ring:
 SEPTIMO by Silvia Fassardi.

Don’t get me wrong, I embrace my shape, I dress for my body and I like to show off what I got (while I still got it) but the secret is knowing what to bare and what to keep under wraps…and WHERE– a concert of Miami Symphony Orchestra will never be a place to show skin.

I accessorized my look with earrings and double finger ring from the collection “Pearls and Caviar” from “Septimo by Silvia Fassardi.” These picks really elevated my dress and I still can wear them for other occasions.
Earrings and ring:  SEPTIMO by Silvia Fassardi.
I took the opportunity to wear long black boots that were in my closet waiting for the perfect time that finally arrived.

I almost forgot, I don’t leave the house until I check out with my mirrors the rear views—every angle matters!

I received a lot of compliments with this dress at the concert and the double finger ring of Septimo, gained a great deal of attention—women love jewelry that they don’t see everywhere.

Lissette Rondon and Viviana Gabeiras at Ocean Drive in Vienna Concert
Next to my designer, Viviana Gabeiras at “Ocean Drive in Vienna” Concert by the Miami Symphony Orchestra at The Adrienne Arsht Center in Miami.
Image by Francia Montoya.
Where to shop my picks:
Dress: www.mypetitpois.com or contact the designer to: info@mypetitpois.com

Earrings & ring: https://www.facebook.com/septimo77 or contact the designer to: septimosalesinfo@gmail.com