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Miami Base Designer, Lisu Vega presented “The Contemplation” in “Art Basel 2012”

Miami Fl.- Miami based designer, Lisu Vega recently presented a special proposal that she called “The Contemplation” at the renowned “Art Basel 2012” in Miami, on December 06, 2012 at M-M-N-T in Miami.

Vega was part of the amazing project entitled FUSION to raise funds for the foundation, SAVE IMAGINATION.

The talented designer made her fabulous opening with the performance of a woman, “mole” emerging from recycled pieces of fabric that decomposes only to be reborn again in a piece of photography and fashion art. The music, designs and concepts were authored by the “designer in progress,” as she cataloged herself.

“I prepared the music and a long fabric collage full of color and texture for a performance to be shown previous to the runway show, having the chance to invite one of the greatest performance artists in Florida, Belaxis Bail. She re-interpreted my idea and created with her language a strong performance with my elements and the chaos that I provoked,” said Vega.

The event had the support of great personalities from the world of fashion and the art community of Miami, in addition to visitors from around the world who gathered at the internationally recognized “ART BASEL.”

“I love the real women on the street, different bodies, different colors, and different races, not pretending anything just being and wearing my work as a window of my mind and vision of the world around me,” added Vega.