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Step by Step: The Contemplation

The Contemplation by Lisu Vega
This project was inspired in all the places where the waste is collected, recycled and re-used. I was contemplating those places to see the people, ambient and energy around them capturing random situations with my camera. These images became patters for new fabrics to my the new collection.
Later I prepared the music and a long fabric collage full of color and texture for a performance to be shown previous to the runway having the chance to invite one of the greatest performance artist in Florida, Belaxis Bail. She re-interpreted my idea and created with her language a strong performance with my elements and the chaos I provoked.
After it all the models showed up on the dresses with the composition images from different recycling places. The dresses were no complex in their shape but an open frame to show the images in which it was composed.
I love the real women on the street, different bodies, different colors, and different races no pretending anything just being and wearing my work as a window of my mind and vision of the world around me.

More information about Lisu Vega, please visit www.lisuvega.com