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In Exclusive: The flamenco worldwide icon, Joaquin Cortes, in Miami

Joaquin Cortes.
Image Courtesy of The Dream Team Agency.

Joaquin Cortes, a flamenco iconic figure worldwide, recently visited Miami to promote his upcoming presentation at the James L. Knight Center, on November 12, 2011-where he will also start a tour within several South American countries with his spectacular presentation called “Calé,” a piece that celebrates the twentieth anniversary of one of the brightest careers in the world of dance.

Lissette Rondon got an exclusive interview with Joaquin as he spoke about his piece; “Calé” , his fashion designers, and he also answered questions specifically directed toward his fans. Check it out!

LR. How do you prepare for your presentation in Miami?
“I am very glad to be back here again in Miami, and to make this presentation on November 12, after 2 years of deep darkness because of my mother’s death. Now I’m returning to my career, my life, and I am very happy to come back to the United States and Latin America with a show that is a summary of 20-years of a creative career. Six of my shows have been around the world, especially one that has become the most-watched Spanish show in the world, “gypsy passion,”” added Joaquin.

LR-Tell us about your new look?
“I think we all have changes in our lives, we cannot always be the same image, and we get tired. In my case, for example, I had long hair for many years but I spent a few years with short hair, and I did because I wanted to, I think they are all part of stages of life,” said Joaquin.

LR- Who will be the designer in charge of your wardrobe?
“Giorgio Armani has been choosing the costumes for this play. He is a great friend and he has dressed many of my works. Since I’m doing a summary of my career I feel that I have to put him in charge this time. Another great designer is Jean Paul Gaultier, he has also dressed some of my works, but Giorgio has been my fashion designer for the majority of my career,” added Joaquin.

LR- I chose a series of questions from my readers that are also fans of yours.
Evelest Villa-Church: What are you thinking when you dance on stage?
“I think about my life, my rebellion. I’m a rebel with a cause. I get naked in body and soul when I dance and I show my true personality. Here comes the real Joaquin Cortes.”

-Nayra Medina: When will you make another film with Pedro Almodovar?
“Laughter, The truth is that I do not know, but I loved the experience that I had with Almodóvar and other directors, working on these things helped me grow as a person.”

-Jenny Ariza: How do you keep in shape?
“Well just by dancing. With the dance itself and a healthy lifestyle, you can keep in shape.”

-Rosa Bolivar: What is the type of woman for Joaquin Cortes?
“I like a woman who has personality, character, and discretion, obviously we all have inclinations towards beauty, but beauty is gone with the years, the important thing is how people are inside.”

– All readers agreed on this question: Would you write an autobiography of your life to bring it to the big screen?
“Many People have been asking me, not only a biography, but also a book . I believe that someday, hopefully I will do it because I think it’s interesting. In the world of dance and music, I’ve been a bit revolutionary, a person who has created his own personal history.”

-Aralvis Lopez: What do you think of Latinas?
“Oh OMG I love them! (laughing), I am a very passionate man and I’m a gypsy. My blood has a lot of passion and love. I love Latin women, they have a very feminine side, and as a gypsy man, I love it!”

LR. How do you feel about this celebration that you are making in our city? How is Miami treating you?

“Miami has treated me very well. I hope after this return that many people come to my show and enjoy two hours of pure dance, pure music, and most importantly that people appreciate the culture. Culture is what we need to enrich the most, together with education. I want people to come to see culture,” added Joaquin.

LR- Would you like to send a message to all those people who are inspired by your dance and your personality?

“I tell everyone to fall in love with what they do well, as I am in love with what I have done, and of course always do everything with passion,”  said Joaquin.
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Written by Lissette Rondon
Edited by Crystal Serrano.
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