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Model Latina South Beach on Nuvo TV: Premier on May 28th

by Alexis Diaz &
     Lissette Rondon. 

    Rating: ★★★★★

Model Latina, a television series of ‘Nuvo TV’ in which 10 models compete to be the next “Model Latina,” hosts it’s fifth season in sunny South Beach Miami, Florida. Miami is the hot bed of the fashion industry, making this a challenging series for the competitors. The challenges these women face are designed to eliminate the weakest model. They will live together in a fabulous mansion in Miami Beach, overlooking an amazing view of the Magic City. The models will be mentored and judged by three of the best fashion icons; Ines Rivero, Victoria’s Secret Angel; Carlos Ponce, actor and singer; and Franco Lacosta, renowned fashion photographer, along with Jocelyn Pierce who hosts this fierce competition. The models compete to win $25,000.00 and a contract with one of the countries most successful agencies, Q Management.

The competitors were selected based on confidence and beauty. The stunning Latinas traveled from all over to compete; San Juan, PR, Los Angeles, CA, Las Cruces, NM, and New York, NY. Miami has some of the most beautiful, exotic women in the world; it’s only fitting the Magic City has their share of representation in this competition. Oneisys, 26, wants to show the world that curves look good on the runway. Muriel, 23, believes if she wants others to respect her, she must first respect herself; a positive message for women. Rachelle, 20,wants to be a star. Maytee, 20, is proud of her Latina culture and wants to inspire girls getting into this industry.

The series depicts beautiful Miami, and will surely attract many tourists. Throughout the series, viewers will see snap-shots of stunning South Beach and many of our prized attractions. Just seeing one episode will make you want to hit the beach!

Don’t miss the premiere of Model Latina South Beach, May 28th on Nuvo TV at 10pm!





Images: Courtesy of Elina Adut
MPRM Communications
Los Angeles, California