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Socialite of the month: Camilo Gomez, Editor in Chief of LifeStyleMiami.com celebrated his 30th Birthday

Camilo Gomez, one of the most beloved socialites of Miami celebrated his 30th birthday at “Chalk Lounge,” located at 1234 Washington Ave in Miami Beach, Florida on May 11th, 2012.

The unforgettable birthday bash was hosted by Michael M, gathering some of the most renowned people from media business, models, singers, and local celebrities in a special evening of music, drinks, and an amazing cake created by celebrity chef, Jackie Salas.

Gomez is renowned for his job as Editor-in-Chief of LifeStyleMiami.com. He is considered by many people from our community to be a “mover and shaker.” His friends and family admire him for his unconditional heart and for being a person that is always true to himself.

Fabulous images of Camilo Gomez’s Birthday Bash will be published soon on LifeStyleMiami.com, Don’t miss it!

Happy Birthday Camilo, receive the best wishes from our team at Miami Fashion Spotlight and Lissette Rondon.

Miami loves you!

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