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The Real Life of Viviana G: STYLE, HOLIDAYS AND TIPS!

By Viviana G

Before going on my next trip, I could not go without first sharing some
of my own
fashion tips!

– Remember that always you dress for yourself.
Even if you are only celebrating with your especial one!

– It is not how much it cost? Is what you buy and style it together!
– Make it especial to feel the difference. When you feel good, you will
– Keep it simple but graceful and elegant, less is more!

– Your attitude and behavior are also part of your wardrobe and dressing up!
– First impressions and your image is always important, don’t take them
for granted!
– Pick up only one focus point, the rest should just follow…..!

For me, must of the time are the shoes. I’m addicted ……..! I usually
start from my feet up!
It make me feel sexy, more than a short skirt.

As Bette Midler once said: ‘Give a girl the right shoes and she can
conquer the world’.

– Remember that you may have the best perfect dress but if you are not
wearing the right shoes….!OMG!
– Dare! Don’t be afraid!

When going out:
– Your man is one of your best accessory, don’t forget to include and
style him as well!
– If you are single and alone………dress to make an entrance, walk
slowly and secure like if you own the place!
– It is OK to make believe in your mind……it helps to put the mood on!

– Only buy clothes that fits you, and the right size. Tight does not
mean sexy but bad!
– We all want to be a size zero, it is fine to wear your size with
elegance, loose is better!
– To have style you must always dress with clothes that fit, and to have
the right underpinnings
is a must!

In today’s fashion, when there are so many endless possibilities, is a
shame to see women not dress properly!
– It is so nice to see someone well dress for the occasion regardless!
and is a form of respect and care!

– Don’t follow everyone by just wearing a black little dress to be safe;
make a difference and wear that spectacular
red dress, or shocking pink, be brave, be the talk of the town!

Francois Sagan.

Own your self! and make the new year resolution of being that
fashionable, daring, different, secure new you!
Put on your smile and let your dreams lead you through!
Put on those shoes, that dress, and dance your
night away!

This is why Coco Chanel made the difference, because she dare to change
the rules!
‘ Fashion is not something that only exists in clothes…. it has
something to do with ideas, with
the way we live, with what happens around us. ‘
Coco Chanel

And this is how I live my life and dream to bring to you Petit Pois by
Viviana G!

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