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Art Exhibition: Conexiones Art Gallery presents Suhame’s Dream Station

Conexiones Art Gallery will present Suhame’s Dream Station, a unique exhibition by artist Suhame Miralles. 

The anticipated art exhibition will take place on March 14, 2013 at 7:00 PM at Conexiones Art Gallery, located at 10530 NW 26th Street F-102 in the city of Doral. 

Suhame’s Dream Station promise to be a different kind of exhibition–a passionate proposal, a smooth dance of color intensities, and a beautiful dance with oil  pastels. 

The exhibition will be based on twenty large format pieces that the artist created using sennelier oil pastel on paper or canvas. The artist frequently appears on each of her paintings, as a way to find herself. She shares her feelings such as fear, happiness, sadness, sexual pleasure, death, pain, and power through her art; while showing a world full of colors where she laughs, talks, and even cries: a world with no rules, unbalanced and incoherent. 

All the proceeds of the auction will benefit “America Developing Smiles”.

Don’t miss it!

More information, please write to: SuhameArtist@gmail.com