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Homemade Beauty Tips by Di: For Glowing Skin, Apply Coffee on Your Face!

Homemade Beauty Tips by Di

By Diana Laura
With 4th of July just around the corner and knowing how much Miamians love drinking and partying, I wanted to share this natural beauty secret so you don’t look puffy and hung-over. I use coffee masks before photo shoots or TV shows because it removes the puffiness from my face. Beauty experts have a love-hate relationship with coffee but I will prove everyone coffee rocks! I use if for my hair and face as a mask, and for my body as a scrub.
Beauty experts detest coffee drinking because too much of it raises cortisol levels, and may speed up free radical production that induces premature skin aging. Sleep deprivation from caffeine stimulation is also one of the quickest paths to an acne breakout. Coffee facial masks, which are made from ground coffee beans and applied directly on the skin, is said to provide a temporary anti-aging fix for puffy eyes.

Caffeine from the coffee beans is said to be easily absorbed into the skin and can tighten the dilated blood vessels under the skin. It’s no wonder that Hollywood stars like Eva Longoria are reported to be mixing coffee into their weekly glam masks.

You can also get a stimulating face lift with your coffee mask. Here’s one that’s easily made and applied.

Quick-Fix Coffee Mask
Homemade Beauty Tips by Di
• 4 tablespoons of ground coffee (organic)
• About ¼ cup of whole milk
• 1 tablespoon of honey (olive oil or lemon juice as alternatives)
• Mix the ingredients together. Add more milk or coffee to achieve a paste consistency.
Homemade Coffee Mask by Diana Laura

• Smear the paste on your face with a gentle circular massage to help with absorption and improve skin circulation.
• Cover everything even the under eyes, but avoid the lips. You may also smear a layer on your neck.
• Leave it on for about 20 minutes before washing off. Gently pat dry the skin.
The dark color may make you look scary at first, but at least you have that sweet aroma to keep you company! Immediately after washing you’ll feel an instant tightness to your skin, and notice a clean glow about you. Do this once a week for a regular facial boost.

Coffee Mask for your hair! 
Yes, your hair!!!
Coffee Mask for your hair!

How Can Coffee INSTANTLY Transform Your Hair?
OK, I’ve sworn up and down about how amazing coffee is, especially when mixed with conditioner. But I actually started to try different ways of using it on your hair, and I honestly can say this mask is my new lover! 
I realized, some of my favorite really pricey hair masks smell like coffee and now I understand why. Coffee is so good for clarifying your hair and creating gorgeous shine, while also stimulating your roots (to prevent hair fall) with super high doses of caffeine—-AWESOME! 
The crazy part is, it’s super easy to do and involves one ingredient – coffee!
All you need to do is use organic black coffee, then drench your hair in it and leave for 10-15 minutes. Wash and condition as usual and va-va-voom, super-amazing shiny hair! I love this and the idea that coffee gets rid of frizz, adds shine, and removes buildup within minutes is simply amazing.
I’ll be honest, I haven’t tried this on light hair, only my dark hair so I recommend this for dark hair. If you have blond hair, it could affect your color.

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