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Makeup Trends: Creating The Great Gatsby Look by Mayela Vazquez

Creating The Great Gatsby Look by Mayela Vasquez
How to create the ‘Great Gatsby’ Look.
Image by Mayela Vasquez

By Expert, Mayela Vazquez.
For every look, you have to have an inspiration in mind that helps you achieve the perfect look for a special occasion. Today, my inspiration is THE GREAT GASTBY movie and a classy 1920’s look.

Make-Up Application:

1. For a long lasting look, it is very important to prepare and clean your skin before you start applying any make-up product on. Depending on your type of skin, choose a special primer or a moisturizer in case you need it.

2. After you prepare your skin, start applying your concealer and foundation, if you have a great skin you could use a tinted moisturizer as a foundation too. Make sure you use one that matches your skin shade. Blend gently and apply loose powder or pressed powder evenly over the foundation. Don’t use much, and lightly press on and dust off the excess. This prevents you from rubbing off your beautifully applied base. Remember, we are looking for a nice porcelain skin from 1920.

3. For a 1920’s look you only need to get inspired and you can choose either a more natural look or get creative with a smokey eye. The most important part on either of this looks is to create a thick eye liner on your upper eyelid that will make your eyes look amazing. In terms of lashes, think big. Either go false or curl and apply at least two coats of intense black mascara.

4. The eyebrows are key to enhance the 1920’s look. To get the look, darken and turn eyebrows slightly downward. You can apply the desired shape with an eye shadow or eyebrow pencil that is darker than your hair color.

5. To complete your Make-Up application, add a Rouse color on your cheeks and a deep blood red color on your lips. If you want, you can also add some clear gloss to make them pop.

Preparing your hair:

Most hairstyles from the 1920’s were short, but you don’t have to cut your hair to make it trendy. Here are some options you can try to get that look for this season.

1. Use some heat protection before you start using hot tools on your hair.

2. You can use a curling iron and pin your hair up with some bobby pins, add some hair spray and leave them for at least 15-20 minutes for a long lasting look. You can do your Make-Up while you have your curls up.

3. When you take the curls down, the best way to have that beautiful waves from 1920’s is to brush your hair to loose the curls and start shaping those waves, put some hairspray on and you will be ready to rumble. You could pin or push one of the sides of your hair back to have a sexy, classy look.

4. You could also play with your hair and create a nice updo on the back and leave some waves on the front to give that finger waves kind of look.

For more information about Hairstyles and Make-Up Applications, feel free to contact me: www.mayelavazquez.com

What products do I recommend?
· Primers: Young Blood, Becca, EmbryoLisse.
· Foundation: Make-Up Forever, Face Atelier, Eve Pearl.
· Powder and Shimmers: Bobbi Brown shimmer palette, Make-Up Forever HD Powder.
· Eyes: Stila and Eve Pearl Eyeliner, Nars Cosmetics eye shadows.
· Lips: Make-Up Forever Rouge Artist intense or Rouge Artist Natural.
· Hair: Sebastian Hair Spray, Frederic Fekkai Heat Protection and Hairspray, Avenoo Shine Glaze.

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