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Interview with Celebrity Makeup Artist Jennifer Bradley

Gorgeous Interview with Celebrity Makeup Artist  Jennifer Bradley
Celebrity Makeup Artist, Jennifer Bradley.
Image: Courtesy of Jennifer Bradley.

By Diana Laura.
Her ability to make clients not only beautiful, but feel beautiful has made Jennifer Bradley a favorite among a versatile group of actors, musicians, models and many Industry heavyweights.

~DL: You are an amazing business woman, we would like to know a little about your background and your family.“That is quite a complement coming from such an accomplished lady as yourself,” said Jennifer. “I was an actress in Los Angeles right after high school. I was a singer in Vegas at the Venetian Hotel too, and I fell in love with a man from South Florida who moved me here 13 years ago. We had a beautiful child together, but we just didn’t quite work out– I am a single mother of two absolutely wonderful boys.”

Celebrity Makeup Artist Jennifer Bradley
Childen of Celebrity Makeup Artist Jennifer Bradley

~DL: What excites, motivates and inspires you?
“Music excites me, art excites me, the quirky moments that I can capture with a photograph or with words, watching my boys play baseball is truly fascinating and very enjoyable. Oh, I am always, always creating new products,” said Jennifer. “My motivation is always about providing a comfortable life for my children, initially, but I tend to get carried away with ideas of conquering the universe.” (Insert slightly evil laugh here).

~DL: Who is your favorite Beauty Icon?

“I cannot choose just one, but I usually look to Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, and Bettie Page for inspiration. I get obsessed with Jennifer Lopez and her wicked style. I often marvel at Jennifer Lopez’s skin,” added Jennifer 

~ DL: Who is the person that most influenced your life?
“My grandmother, because she was such a beautiful and loving person. She taught me to never judge others and what it means to be humble and hardworking,” added Jennifer.

Interview with Celebrity Makeup Artist Jennifer Bradley

Celebrity Makeup Artist Jennifer Bradley

~DL: How did you get started in the beauty industry and what do you think are the pros and cons about your industry?

“I had really bad skin growing up and could not afford to have bad skin, since I was on stage and in front of the camera. My mother was a makeup artist, and she was always bringing me home products to help from the department stores that she worked at. I went to the dermatologist as well, and that made my skin so much worse than it was before. As much as I love beauty, I also have an intense love for biology, and research. It initially began from selfish reasons, looking for solutions for my make-up concerns. My product line is absolutely phenomenal, and there is not another Medical Grade Skincare Line combined with Professional Cosmetics out there like mine,” said Jennifer.

~DL: Where do you see your business in a few years?

“I am about to expand into locations in Miami, Palm Beach and New York. I sell my line to big distributors that sell to retailers in the Eastern United States. My products are in almost a hundred locations here,” said Jennifer. “I am in talks with people right now who want to bring my line outside of the US.”

~DL: Describe a typical day in the life of Jennifer Bradley?

“Wake up and drink coffee. Feed the boys, get them to school or camp and try to steal kisses from them. Then work, work, work! I teach classes, strategize business expansion, make sure inventory is handled, grow my social network, make sales, take a few photos, post them, plot my next promotion, and then BAM! Its 5:00PM time to pick up the kiddos, feed them, take them to baseball, put them to bed, and then WORK on more things until I cannot keep my eyes open anymore.”

~DL: Tell us which is your favorite product from your cosmetic line?

“No, that isn’t fair. I could say that it is my 4 in One Camera Ready Foundation, but what is makeup without amazing skin? My 3 in One Cleanser and Clearly Younger Skin/Goddessy Creme are a godsend. Where would I be without them?” added Jennifer.

~DL: What makes your brand different from all the other ones on the market?

“I am the only brand out there that you can use, start to finish and see incredible results. No fragrance, no filler ingredients and simply LESS INGREDIENTS make all the difference. You get results, using less product, and you save time as well as look younger in no time,” said Jennifer.

To learn more about Jennifer Bradley’s make up line visit: www.JenniferBradley.com

Written by Diana Laura
Edited by Alexis Diaz.
Images: Courtesy of Jennifer Bradley.

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