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The Great Gatsby Look: Sean James 1920’s Hair Tips

Expert Sean James explains 1920's Hair Tips Inspred  by Great Gatsby.

As Sean James explained to us the 1920’s was when women showed their independence by chopping off their hair. The key element is to first of all cut it into what’s called the shingle bob. The roaring 1920’s where fast and swinging, short hair added to the element of immediate style and design. This is when the hairstyle of finger waves became popular. Use a setting lotion or a mousse to help form and set the wave. Brush the hair out after it is dry for a more full look.

The final step to complete a 1920’s hairdo is to add an art deco headband. The headband should be metallic, possibly with a Chanel style round feather cluster or half turban style headband. For long hair, set finger waves and pull back into a chignon. Add chopsticks and possibly a decorative brooch on the side of the head

THE GREAT GASTBY make up  by Mayela Vazquez

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