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A match made in heaven! Bride and groom essentials for the perfect Fall Wedding

Source: Beautypress. Photo Credit: Pixabay.com

Every bride wants to look and feel their best on their wedding day and being the center of attention is not an easy task when most wedding guests do take notice of the bride’s hair and makeup but without leaving aside the groom, who will also be on the spot. We present the best styling tips to create a flawless wedding look without a make-up artist.

Picture-perfect complexion
Make flawless skin in those wedding photos a dream come true because those memories are going to last a lifetime! When the night prior to the great day was rather short and the tired look cannot be hidden or if an unwanted spot shows up due to the excitement, concealer helps to sweep away these imperfections. Available in different colors in form of a powder, stick or cream, they are the perfect match for any skin type. Green concealer pencils balance redness, and blue concealer makes that dark circles under the eyes are less noticeable.
For a long lasting glow, foundations with light-reflecting particles make the bride’s skin even more radiant. Make the magic last for hours by setting the makeup with translucent powder and a makeup setting spray.

All eyes on the bride
Emotions may come overflowing from the bride eyes and could end up in not so cute black tears and panda eyes.  Waterproof mascara and smudge-proof eyeliner every bride can rely on. The modern textures ensure a lasting hold – in both good and bad times.

All eyes on the groom
The husband-to-be, too, wants to be dapper from head to toe for this special day. Hair sprays and waxes help to make the hair stay in place the entire day. Beard trend is coming to an end so this might be the last chance to show it off, to make the facial hair looking resplendent grooming, trimming and moisturizing are a must. Smells become indelibly imprinted on our memory, so a luscious-smelling fragrance is really important to create an overall wedding scent.

Everlasting Kiss
Both bride and groom need to make sure to get some well-nourished and kissable lips for their wedding day. A lip scrub can be a great treatment to exfoliate the lips, making them silky-soft again. A lip balm helps hydrating the lips, and it can also be applied as a lipstick base in order to prevent them from drying out. As some brides prefer a natural look, they can go for slightly tinted lip balms or a nude lipstick. Make sure to pick a long-lasting one that “survives” lots of kisses!

It’s all about the details
The hairstyling has to be long-lasting, too. Whether it be loose, pinned-up, classic or modern, the hairdo should match the dress in any case. Perfectly groomed hands with beautifully manicured nails belong to the styling as much as the rings belong on the bride and groom fingers. Cream-colored or French nails create a natural and elegant look. They fit to every bride and highlight their beauty in a discreet way.