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Hair Trends: Everything You Need to Know About the Bob Hair Style

We all know the glorious bob hair style, don’t we? We’ve seen it looking gorgeous on many celebrities during the years and we would certainly love to experiment with this unique hair style a bit more. And why not? It is super chic, elegant and gives a strong character to the woman who is rocking it! But when did this look become so popular and where its origins can be found?

The famous Bob hair style, wasn’t always as famous as it is nowadays. Women before the 1920s used to have long hair that could be styled in curls. It was only when Irene Castle, a silent screen actress who chopped her hair in a bob back in 1917, that motivated all the other women to do so. It wasn’t just for styling purposes, but also to help women while working in the factories during the war. The simplicity and manageability of this hair style made it the number one hair cut in that period.

Bob Hair Style and the 60’s

Hair Trends: Everything You Need to Know About the Bob Hair Style

The big surprise came many years later around 1960s, when the innovative hair stylist Vidal Sassoon created more geometrical, modern alternatives to the renowned bob hair style, making it again the ultimate hair obsession.

How to make it work for you? You have to ensure that short hair styles suit your face shape. Usually a short bob hair style suits face shapes such as long, angular or oval. These are just some general rules, but you have to keep in mind that regardless of all that, if your whole style and body type meshes well with a bob then go for it!

Brunette or Blonde?

Hair Trends: Everything You Need to Know About the Bob Hair Style

And how about the color? Is it going to be a sultry brunette bob or a sexy blonde one? The answer to this question is to look carefully your features and skin color. If your complexion is in the deeper caramelized side, then maybe you will be smashing in a brunette bob. If you are more to the fair side, a blonde bob will transform your appearance. Are you still not sure? Your hair stylist can advise you on what exact shade you should choose in order to be absolutely stunning.

Finally, we can’t help it but recommend this amazing hair style to all the women in our beautiful city: Miami! It’s not only practical, easy to style and a fashionable statement, but it is also super sexy no matter your age, fresh and extremely stylish. The perfect short hair cut that can last all day even if the humidity levels are at their highest. Whether you are heading to a work meeting, to the gym or for drinks late at night be sure it will look amazing!

Short hair never looked so good before! Will you try it?

Where to go for a great Bob Hair Style in Miami?


Check out some of our favorite salons:

  • Rocco Donna Salon & Agency:  101 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139. Phone: (305) 531-3330
  • Danny Jelaca Salon: 300 Alton Rd #100, Miami Beach, FL 33139. Phone: (305) 604-9696
  • Sean Donaldson Hair: 1674 Meridian Ave #100, Miami Beach, FL 33139. Phone:  (305) 397-8460


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