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Retailer Ricky’s NYC Expands Japan’s GATSBY to All Doors, Including Miami

Retailer Ricky’s NYC Expands Japan’s GATSBY to All Doors, Including Miami

Source: Beauty Press.

Japan’s GATSBY, a men’s grooming brand in Asia, continues forth with U.S. expansion of the popular hair wax line, MOVING RUBBER. After only two months of testing in five Manhattan Ricky’s NYC locations, sales soared and the retailer requested expansion quickly due to high customer demand. Four unique settings of the MOVING RUBBER line are now found on the shelves of all Ricky’s NYC stores, including Ricky’s NYC stores in Miami.

Mr. Lorne Lucree, Director of Marketing at Ricky’s NYC comments, “As the destination for all things cult beauty, Ricky’s NYC jumped at the chance to carry a fan favorite like GATSBY. Our customers love discovering new, unique international brands – especially when it comes to hair products, and we are more than happy to oblige them. This is truly the beginning of a stylish partnership!”

The GATSBY MOVING RUBBER hair wax line, with 73% market share in the men’s hair wax category, records No.1 sales again in Japan (2013). Since its launch in 2006, over 100 million units of MOVING RUBBER were sold to over 10 countries and regions in Asia.

“I have always believed MOVING RUBBER would capture New Yorkers’ curiosity, but it turns out to be something more than that. The consumer reaction received through our new partnership with retailer Ricky’s NYC is so impressive and meaningful. We are very excited to further stimulate the grooming and fashion conscious men of New York City,” says GATSBY’s Creative Director, Mr. Kagawa Iichiro.

GATSBY MOVING RUBBER is a series of hair wax styling products skillfully developed through cooperation by expert stylists from top salons featured frequently in Japanese media. MOVING RUBBER is recognized for its unique ability to create a wide range of hairstyles. From casually arranged to elaborative hair styles, GATSBY promises any desired look to be created easily and by anyone with the use of the MOVING RUBBER product. Once MOVING RUBBER is applied to the hair (preferably dry), rearranging the style throughout the day is made easy due to the ‘moveability’ and hold of the product.

Spiky Edge
Strong holding power keeps hair spiked all day.
Styling Power: 10/10
Shine: 2/10
Length: Very short, Short

Wild Shake
Creates a causal messed up look.
Styling Power: 9/10
Shine: 4/10
Length: Short, Medium short

Air Rise
Creates volume with a light, soft finish
Styling Power: 7/10
Shine: 2/10
Length: Medium short, Medium & above

Cool Wet
Maintain your desired hold with a cool wet look
Styling Power: 5/10
Shine: 9/10
Length: Short, Medium short, Medium & above

MOVING RUBBER is now available at Ricky’s NYC and on Amazon.com