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Top 7 Hot Fragrances for Valentine’s Day

The most romantic day of the year is finally upon us! What are we talking about? Valentine’s day of course! Whether you are a true believer of this day or not, it is certainly the perfect excuse to have fun with your other half, celebrate your love and why not? Do something special away from your daily -and probably very busy- routine.

Exchanging sweet and thoughtful gifts, or going on a date night out, are small things with great impact. You can definitely choose where you are going to have fun on Valentine’s day, but we’re here to showcase one of the best gift ideas for that special occasion: Fragrances!

And not just any fragrances, but the top 7 Victoria’s Secret ones, that can mesmerize every woman you have in your life!



Top 7 Hot Fragrances for Valentine’s Day


As the name suggests, the “Love” fragrance reminds you a lot of what true love means, as well as all the things this amazing feeling makes us do; sweet, fresh, with a bit of sexiness between its notes. Apricot blush, juniper and boyfriend tee scent, combine into a super addictive fragrance perfect for the playful woman who still wants to be sexy. The super chic yet feminine bottle, will make the receiver happier than ever!


Top 7 Hot Fragrances for Valentine’s Day

 If you have fallen for an edgy and mysterious girl who loves a good black leather jacket, then “Wicked” is the answer. Deep and dark, it will release her inner sensuality for sure. This warm scent, contains luxurious notes of black sugar, freesia and rich vanilla. To add up to this enticing fragrance, its sleek packaging consists of sexy touches such as delicate black lace and glossy finish.


Top 7 Hot Fragrances for Valentine’s Day

For the elegant fashionista that always travels in the city of lights a.k.a Paris, “Bombshell Paris” is the ultimate choice. Glamorous, fresh, with a gorgeous “gem” bottle, featuring black bow that looks like expensive lingerie. Jasmine, cedar wood and cypress create a combo that no-one can resist!


Top 7 Hot Fragrances for Valentine’s Day

Inspired by the ethereal Victoria’s Secret angels, “Heavenly” smells like the warmest dreams. Sultry sandalwood, soft musk, sweet vanilla and peony, make it a striking fragrance that will captivate all the romantic girls out there. Its bottle couldn’t be anything different than what it is: minimal and fresh!


Top 7 Hot Fragrances for Valentine’s Day



Its beautiful bright pink color manages to make your heart pump faster just by looking at it! “Crush” not only looks super cute, but also smells like heaven. Flirty florals and sexy spice make it ideal for any floral scent addict!


Top 7 Hot Fragrances for Valentine’s Day

You want fragrances with an attitude? “Bombshell” does not only have “attitude” but it’s also the best choice to make a serious compliment to your other significant. This one of a kind perfume brings together sexiness, seduction and confidence all at once. Hot pink and satin showcased on the bottle are definitely a show-stopper.


Top 7 Hot Fragrances for Valentine’s Day

By the statement floral details all over its glorious bottle, it’s easy to understand how the actual fragrance will be; fresh like summer nights, fruity and seriously sexy. It brings back memories of an exotic holiday where only a bikini was needed. Guava, coconut and mariposa notes hit the senses on the right spots. Give the confident woman exactly what she wants.

All images by Victoria’s Secret

Where to buy Victoria’s Secret fragrances in Miami?

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