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The First ever physical Instagramers gallery opens in Miami tonight!

By Invitation Only

From Cape Town to Copenhagen, Madrid to Miami: The Instagramers Gallery will change the ways we see, record, and share our world. The site will be the largest digital photography collection ever and is based on the simple premise: “Know the world. Share your world.”

This is not a social network; rather a thriving art community where audiences tag photos they like most to recognize photographers and their visions of the world. A physical gallery located in the arts district of Miami, FL, will support the web gallery. A second gallery will open in Madrid in early 2014. The spaces will offer seminars, talks, events, and exhibitions around Instagram photography. The galleries will offer unique glimpses into world around us, told through digital photos.


· The “Instagramers Photo Prize” of $100,000 will be largest photography prize to date

o This prize will be awarded by a jury comprised of well-known personalities in the worlds of photography, art, communications and new technologies.

o The winning image will be chosen from the daily “Photo-Day Prize” finalists.

o Competition begins on December 16th, 2013, and ends April 30th, 2014.

· Created by two Spain-based artists and social innovators:

o Phil González & Jorge Martínez. Open to all Instagram users worldwide registered with InstagramersGallery.com

o Users can access the galley free of charge.

o User must choose the best images to be uploaded, as the program only allows the upload of one image per day.o To facilitate the search of images, photos will be categorized by:

Nature, sport, technology, people, travel, cities, beauty, art, family, landscapes, animals or music. Users can also search by “most liked,”country, artists or date of submission.
o For its grand opening, Instagramers Gallery Miami will be showcasing.

photos of 17 world-renowned Instagramers from different countries:

@thomas_k (Germany) @Wlad (Brazil), @cirkeline (Denmark),

@misshedwig / @philgonzalez (Spain), @takinyerphoto / @grether /

@hons24 (USA), @Timbrado (France), @Macenzo (Holland), @giariv (Italy),

@hnato_nf (México), @Katia_Mi (Romania), @bossthefrenchbulldog

(Sweden) o @garethpon (South Africa). They will showcase their best

images. Miami Instagramers will also exhibit images of their vision of the


· Official Gallery Opening in Miami, FL.

o WHERE: 2324 North Miami Avenue, Wynwood, Miami, FL

o WHEN: Thursday, December 12th .