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Caterina Valentino: The Girlfriend of Henrique Capriles Radonski?

Is Caterina Valentino, the new girlfriend of Henrique Capriles Radonski?
Image by wikimedia comomns.

The presidential aspirant and most eligible bachelor of Venezuela, Henrique Capriles seems to have gotten his other half or “dream partner.”

The news has spread like wildfire since last Sunday’s meeting “Caracas Heroica” where Capriles said his girlfriend was “over there.”

Has Henrique Capriles a new girlfriend?

To which all Venezuelan girls wonder, who’s the lucky girl? It is rumored that the dreamer in question is the journalist and model Caterina Valentino, who was with the candidate at the end of the event.

The girl has gone through great lengths to not deny nor confirm the relationship to the public. Caterina simply said to newspaper ‘El Universal,’ “I am the dream partner for Henrique, I consider myself to be the girlfriend of all Venezuelans, and I feel that Henrique wants to be the boyfriend of all Venezuelans. So if you ask me if there is something more there, I say, we are partners of dreams.”

As the Venezuelans would say, rise at dawn and see, or how the candidate said during his campaign “God’s timing is perfect;” time will tell us if our candidate is ready to enter into a loving relationship besides the one he has with our beloved country. One thing we can assure Venezuela is the great love of Henrique Capriles Radonski!