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Celebrity Looks: How Khloe Kardashian flaunts slim figure

How Kloe Kardashian flaunts slim figure.
Image by Instagram

Khloe Kardashian was flaunting her slimmer physique on recent photos on Instagram, showing off an incredible figure in several curve-hugging dresses.

How to look a figure as Khloe? We recommend  the popular shapewear called “The Alexandra garment”— the fabulous new design has become one of the best seller design for helping women to smooth their silhouette.

The item firmly shapes and enhances the figure by 1-2 inches with high waist and anti-pooch technology, this amazing piece instantly slims inches from the midsection. The best part of the Alexandra is the unique open-back design boosts that lifts and rounds women rear with special bands raising the gluteus up to 5cm.
“The Alexandra”
Courtesy of Janice McCafferty Communications
Perkier, firmer and smoother butt
Smoothened midriff bulge due to high waist
Slimmer looking figure
Corrected, more confident posture
Reduced back and stomach bulge
Conceals post-pregnancy weight
Middle latex lining firmly slims the midsection
Special bands raise the gluteus up to 5cm
Cotton inner lining for comfort
Removable, adjustable straps
Cotton gusset for easy bathroom use.
Kloe Kardashian
Image by Instagram