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Trends 2014: Benny Diaz, the chef and the sea

Trends 2014: Benny Diaz, the chef and the sea
Chef Benny Diaz: The Creator of “Chef on Waters”.

Image by Humberto Vidal.

Stylist: Armandeus Salon.

Location: Chef on Waters.

By Lissette Rondon.

Coming from…Trends 2014: “The Melting Pot” Effect.

Miami’s own chef Benny Diaz has combined his two passions in one successful business “Chef on Waters.”
From Cuban-Salvadorian parents, at the age of eight Diaz began to discover his passion for fishing through his family vacations in the Keys. “From the time I put my first bait on the hook until the first fish was landed, my heart was racing with excitement,” added Diaz.

Diaz’s skills for cooking appeared years later, renewing this passion in 2009 when he was invited as a contestant by “Sabrosa Passion,” a popular Spanish TV cooking show, winning with his consistency and creativity. “I always thought that cooking was just a hobby, like fishing, but during this competition I realized how confident I was as a chef, moving forward in my decision to create my own business,” said Diaz.

Today, “Chef on Waters” is a growing business offering the experience of being on a private boat with Chef Benny as a private chef, performing an exquisite-fresh menu (his own catch of the day), while guests enjoy a tour of Miami’s waters with the most amazing views.

Trends 2014: Benny Diaz, the chef and the sea
Chef Benny Diaz.

Image by Humberto Vidal.

Stylist: Armandeus Salon.

Location: Chef on Waters

MFS- In this “Melting Pot” that is Miami will any culture influence your food business for 2014?

“Yes, I like to read about Chefs around the world so I can learn different techniques and new creations, but my favorite readings happen to be “Great British Chefs.” I am fascinated with the recipes and chefs featured on this webpage. My favorite Chef is Nigel Mendham; I like his deftly classical cuisine. I identified myself with him in so many ways; I love to create modern Mediterranean dishes with a little touch of British ingredients—adding my own Cuban Sazon, of course!” said Diaz.

MFS- Is there any exclusive menu or dish that you will name after your favorite chef?
“Yes, I will be serving a new kind of dessert, “Sweet & Salty.” It will consist of a classic dessert, followed by different kinds of cheeses! added Diaz. “I read about this in a Q&A of Chef Mendham. I tried my own recipe with my family and they loved it. I believe that “Miamians” will enjoy this combination in our new menu “Chef on Waters” for 2014.”

MFS-What would be the strongest trends in food in 2014?
“It’s hard for me to follow trends because Miami is a city that doesn’t follow any– which is good because you can stick to what you’re good at,” added Diaz.

MFS- Outside the food trends, could you make any prediction for 2014?
“Yes, That Miami will enjoy its waters a lot in 2014!” added Diaz, smiling.
More information about “Chef on Waters” and contacts: chef.benny@yahoo.com

Special thanks to:

Photographer: Humberto Vidal

Make-up artist & hair of Armandeus Salon

Location: Chef on Waters.