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Designer Samy Gicherman Lights Up Collections With Flamenco Fashion Fever

Trends 2014:  Olé in motion, Samy Gicherman lights up collections with Flamenco fashion fever
Samy Gicherman &model model. Credit Image: Humberto Vidal. Makeup: Patricia Zrihem.

By Lissette Rondon.
Coming from…Trends 2014: “The Melting Pot” Effect.

Venezuelan designer, Samy Gicherman has become renowned for his long career in the field of fashion designing and his extravagant collections of Haute Couture line and Prêt -à-Porter. Gicherman has delighted important personalities and celebrities of our city with his creations.

His amazing collections have been featured in magazines, TV shows, beauty pageants and some of the most important fashion shows in South Florida. The designer also has been recognized for his delicate works in wedding gowns, inspiring the expansion of his name and new brand Samy Gicherman Couture, making Gicherman a Miami top designer.

Trends 2014:  Olé in motion, Samy Gicherman lights up collections with Flamenco fashion fever
Samy Gicherman will launch  his  latest collection (” Con Aroma de Flor Te Senti Pasar”). Credit image:  Humberto Vidal. Makeup: Patricia Zrihem.
Location: Chef on Waters.
MFS- In this “Melting Pot” that is Miami, is there any culture that has influenced your fashion trends of 2014?

“Yes, even though I am Venezuelan and I live in Miami, I have always been greatly influenced by Spain because it’s a country that shines in the textile industry and is also the birthplace of great fashion designers like ‘Balenciaga,’ ‘Paco Rabanne’ and ‘Fortuny,’ in addition the Spanish style has been inspiration of many outstanding designers as ‘Oscar de la Renta’ and ‘Christian Lacroix,’ among others,” added Gicherman.

MFS- What do you like most about the Spain Influence?
“Spain has created unique and very expressive trends that have influenced art, music and dance and will continue in the future; it is a very attractive culture,” added Gicherman. “It’s wonderful to see collections of ‘Yves Saint Laurent,’ celebrating bullfighting with lush velvet ‘boleros’ with colors while “Lacroix” has led us on a tour to Cordoba’s landscapes with the use of the hat.”

MFS- Is there any exclusive collection that you will name after the Spanish influence?

“Yes, my Summer Collection 2014 “Con Aroma de Flor, te Senti Pasar” (with the scent of flower I felt you passing by) has been designed with extreme delicacy inspired by the drama of flamenco dance, the intensity of those prints that dresses a majestic lady, giving simplicity and elegance – fundamental pieces of art and glamor that I reflected in my designs as a result of singing castanets,” added Gicherman.

MFS-Tell us a little more about the strongest trends for 2014?
“In my collections you will find many designs with styles characterized as ruffles, layers upon layers, flowing, lace, polka dots and patterned brocade fabrics. Red, black and gold – colors strengthened with Bullfighter style, in addition to Seville and Flamenco influences,” said Gicherman.

MFS- Outside the fashion trends, could you make any prediction for 2014?
“Yes, that our city will say “Olé, Olé, Olé” to Flamenco Style in 2014!” added Gicherman laughing.

You can contact the designer at: samygicherman@hotmail.com

Special Thanks to:
Image: Humberto Vidal
Make- up artist: Patricia Zrihem
Assistant behind the scenes: Ronald Solano
Photographer- behind the scenes: David Nieto
Location: Chef on Waters.