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Music Met Fashion: When Eduardo Met Athina

Valentine’s Day Special Edition
MUSIC MET FASHION: When Eduardo Met Athina

Every Valentine’s Day, Miami Fashion Spotlight pays tribute to Love!

Last year, we published the “Immortal Beloved Letter of Ludwig Van Beethoven,” inspiring our readers to believe in the power of love through one of the most romantic love letters of all time, it was a great gift!
This Valentine’s Day we wanted to bring another great love story, found in our city. The perfect couple for our expectations maintains 17 years of marriage, accomplished careers, awards in our community, and they have been featured in renowned magazines. The most important and fascinating aspect of their relationship is that since they got married, they have never been separated, not even a single night!
In our efforts to bring this amazing love story, Lissette Rondon got an exclusive interview with the director of Miami Symphony Orchestra, Eduardo Marturet and his wife, model and actress, Athina Klioumi Marturet, where they talked for the first time about their love story, their passions, their Valentine’s Day celebration and more.
Our inspiration this time was the movie “When Harry Met Sally”—teaming up with fashion photographer, Humberto Vidal, Boca Raton Resort & Club (one of the most romantic getaways in Florida), Rocco Donna Hair and Beauty Art, Carrano Shoes, Septimo by Silvia Fassardi and Shiroiyd D. Cama, along with two amazing fashion designers, Naeem Khan (one of Michelle Obama’s favorite designers) and Viviana Gabeiras (Iconic designer of the year at MFW).

Let’s share the story of When Eduardo Met Athina!
MUSIC MET FASHION: When Eduardo Met Athina
Cover picture (up) & this photo: Athina’s dress Naeem Khan / Jewelry: Shiroiy D.Cama.
LR- Tell us the story, how did Eduardo meet Athina? Was it love at first sight? 
Athina: The first time we saw each other it was like a big lightning bolt struck us; we felt intense electricity between us!
Eduardo: First in a house of a friend, then, we were presented once again more formally, and it happened again and it was so strong that our friend got kind of jealous….hahaha.
Athina: In fact he got so jealous, he closed me in his garden and I could not get out until Eduardo left. It took us like 8 years to reconnect again.
LR- What event do you remember being the event that transformed your friendship into a serious relationship? 
Athina: Each time we met I felt like I could talk about so many things with Eduardo! He was becoming a wonderful friend, advisor, and companion. We wanted to open a Greek restaurant together!
Eduardo: We were having tea in the Country Club in Caracas and we talked about our past relationships and suddenly something made us feel even more connected, but we did not want to admit it yet, I guess!We realized that we loved each other but did not dare to admit it. Then Evi, our dear cousin from Greece, came and she did a real wonderful and masterful matchmaking job.
LR – Why and when did you decide to get married? Tell us a little about the marriage proposal. 
Athina: We went to Greece and had the most romantic time and one wonderful day walking down the main street, outside from Athens in Voulagmeni, the sun was going down, it was beautiful and it smelled of eucalyptus and yazmin–like God was watching us, Eduardo asked the question…
Eduardo: The rest is a secret!
MUSIC MET FASHION: When Eduardo Met Athina
Athina’s dress: Naeem Khan/Earrings: Shiroiy D. Cama
LR – Is it true that since you got married you have never been separated?
Athina: Yes, not even a single night!
Eduardo: It took us so long to come together! Why should we be apart?
 LR – How do you handle the commitments of The Miami Symphony Orchestra with Athina’s modeling and acting job? 
Athina: We always organize ourselves very well, so we can always be together! When I film or do a modeling job, Eduardo arranges to be with me and vice versa, in all his concerts and work with the Miami Symphony Orchestra and other orchestras, we always arrange to accompany one another.
Eduardo: So far in our 17 years of marriage we have never been apart, not even one night and I wish for it to go on like that!

LR – What was the contribution that Eduardo brought to Athina’s life through classical music and vice-versa; what was the contribution that Athina brought to Eduardo’s life through fashion?

Athina: My life is full of music and I love to have Eduardo playing piano at home, while I am fixing things. Eduardo is more of a formal person, a gentlemen type, very polite and calm, at first sight. I say at first sight because he is also very intense, like most musicians, but also he helps me to ground myself, when I get carried away. He is very organized, true to his friends and words. He takes time to program everything very well and this is part of his success I believe! He thinks that I am a “loca!” hahaha.

Eduardo: Athina is more spontaneous, Oh yes a very busy bee and very quick! She wants everything immediately…hahaha and you have to be careful with her, otherwise she conducts you as well!

MUSIC MET FASHION: When Eduardo Met Athina
Athina’s dress: Petit Pois by Viviana G/Ring: Shiroiy D. Cama/Shoes: Carrano Shoes.
LR – Do you have something in common with the film “When Harry Met Sally?”
Athina: Oh yes! It took us a while to admit we were meant for each other and we are good friends! First of all, Eduardo is my best friend. We love to be together and share everything and I think this is the base for a long good relationship! Then if there are also love and passion, you have it all!
Eduardo: So far in these 17 years we are very happy.

LR – How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Athina: Valentine’s Day, it is a day full of rituals. We prepare a healthy breakfast with edible flowers. Also, flowers decorate our space. Valentine’s Day always catches us in Miami, where we have a special Valentine concert that night, full of romantic music, which Eduardo conducts in honor of that day.

Eduardo: In the morning, together with “Roma” (our Chihuahua dog) we meditate at the beach and do an offering full of sweets and flowers. We also get some balloons and write quotes or love mantras on them and send them to the sky. We ask God to take care of our love forever! We also express love to our friends. At night in our concert I say some words concerning love and we usually have dinner with friends.

LR – Could you define the relationship of Eduardo and Athina with just 3 words?

Athina: Love, comprehension and admiration.

Eduardo: Love, patience and courage.

LR- What advice would you send to all those couples who find in you both, an inspiration to believe in love and marriage? 

Athina: Love is a continuous process of spiritual growth and care, not a simple happening. Details are important and we are always looking to nourish and share our love as much as we can. My advice is, open up for love! If you want love, you have to give love!
Eduardo: To marry or commit, means that 2 people bring their powers together with love! Nothing is more powerful!

Athina’s dress: Petit Pois by Viviana G/ Earrings: Septimo by Silvia Fassardi/ Necklace & Bracelet: Shiroiy D. Cama/ Shoes: Carrano Shoes.


MUSIC MET FASHION: When Eduardo Met Athina
Athina’s dress: Petit Pois by Viviana G/  Necklace & Bracelete: Shiroiy D. Cama. 
Written & Produced by Lissette Rondon.
Edited by Alexis Diaz
Photographer: Humberto Vidal.Make-up & Hair: Rocco Donna Hair and Beaut Art.Dresses by Naeem Khan & Viviana G
Shoes by Carrano Shoes.
Special thanks to:-Cristina Nelson, Marketing &PR Manager atBoca Raton Resort &Club, A Waldorf Astoria Resort.
– The Blue Restaurant at Boca Raton Resort & Club.-Frank Diaz ( Always there!)