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Editor’s Letter: March for Our Lives, The Little-Knit Dress, The Fastest Blogger, The Best?

By Lissette Rondon.

Hello, hello, hello Spotlighters! Welcome to March!

We are saying goodbye to all the fabulous things that happened in our city of Miami during February. I know for sure my team’s favorite was The Hawkers Model Volleyball tournament to benefit The Jack Brewer Foundation. We witnessed South Beach gathering a lot of young people. In my opinion, the highlight was that this year the Model agencies sent models with real curves! I am honestly happy to see that you don’t have to be so skinny anymore to be a model and that is a relief for new generations to come…

March for Our Lives

Editor’s Pick: March for Our Lives, the little-knit dress, the fastest blogger, the best?

Editor’s Pick: March for Our Lives, the little-knit dress, the fastest blogger, the best?

This month is going to be big deal for Gucci and I am not talking about any fashion collection or a new ‘IT” handbag.

I am talking about Gucci supporting the Gun-Control March! This week the fashion house has been in the news more than ever since it has donated $500,000 to the gun-control march, March for Our Lives, planned in Washington.

The March will take place on March 24th and it’s expected to gather at least 500,000 attendees. The social activist movement was started by creative director Alessandro Michele, in response to the horrible mass shooting occurred at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland in our state of Florida.

I can’t wait to see this March, I think we must do our bit – in fact, more than our bit, to achieve more safety in our schools.

The Little Knit Dress

Editor’s Pick: March for Our Lives, the little-knit dress, the fastest blogger, the best?

Miami’s breezy-sunshine mornings and amazing sunsets are a reminder that Spring is coming!  Yes, that’s definitely from Game of Thrones… “Winter is coming” –here is the contrary. When Spring is approaching, you know that is time to do your best at the gym, control your daily diet, and think about your best possible outfits.

It’s time to think about how you can reinvent your white fashions too. Why?  Since white is a color that never goes out of style in Miami, you always have white clothes in your wardrobe, but we don’t want to use the same things every year, right? I always pick a different white fabric every year.

For this reason, this year, I am choosing my favorite white knit dresses. I like how fresh the outfits look when you are combining knitted pieces with denim pumps. For accessorizing my favorite option is a big colorful tote; I love the contrast that a colorful tote gives to any white dress.

I suggest for jewelry to wear a big pair of hoops –they are back in style! the bigger, the better! The last time I wore big earrings like that was in 1980. I love them because they bring such great memories.

Despite white being a difficult color, if you are not in shape, it doesn’t look good. I take this color as a challenge and just to think about these white outfits makes me want to go to the gym every day!

One more thing, there are lot girls out there that adore knitting. Some others are adopting this activity for relaxing purposes. Maybe it would be great idea taking knitting a little more seriously… in a fashionable way.

Think about it – you can make your own outfits for Spring and Summer and who knows… maybe your own brand!

The fastest blogger, the best?

Editor’s Pick: March for Our Lives, the little-knit dress, the fastest blogger, the best?

For a woman in her 50s that is living in times of technologies appearing in the business of blogging, you must be more than a multitasker to accomplish work faster than ever.

Social Media has created a new concept (LIVE) leading users to post everything at the precise moment that is taking place.  As a result, influencers or bloggers are expected to do our work on-site.  Some have already started writing articles while attending an event or while they are watching a fashion show…but is this good for business?

I have seen crazy mistakes lately from influencers improvising their job only because they want to go Live!  For example. I have seen terrible interviews that make the interviewee feel so uncomfortable and sometimes offended. I’ve also seen influencers giving reviews about products while they are driving their car (believe me, I have seen everything).

I keep asking myself, how can we be blogging about something properly in the middle of a party?  Around 200 people shouting, talking, posing for pictures and even drinking. I mean it’s not impossible but… can we deliver the same quality of work? Can we write a great article “Live”?

I don’t think so; I believe in quality over quantity.  If I want to create a great piece, I need to put my ideas together. I like to be inspired by what I have experienced attending an event, and I love to finish the whole Q & A with the interviewee before I write something about him or her. I enjoy perusing the collection and sharing my thoughts with attendees before I write a review for a new collection. I focus my attention until the fashion presentation has ended before I say something about the designer’s pieces.

As a matter of fact, sometimes I prefer to meet in person with the local designer before I tell my readers about this new Miami-based talent…

Maybe it’s because of my age – I am from another generation of influencers… the generation that honors other people’s time and respects their work.  I believe I do that by doing my work the best I can.  And to accomplish my goals at work I need to be in the peace of my office, focusing.

In summary, the articles of the Miami Fashion Spotlight are not going to be published immediately while we are at the events. We are never going to have “live” articles like other bloggers or some new websites.  However, I can promise something – our articles are going to be great and unique and you will feel proud to be featured here!

See you next month!


Editor’s Pick: March for Our Lives, the little-knit dress, the fastest blogger, the best?
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