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My 305 Style: The Last Single Girl in Miami

Miami is a city with a high population of single people. I’ve been single for a few years and I dare to say that I can be a real expert in singleness. Since I will soon be married I would like to leave a legacy for my single pals, my tips for being single and a very happy fashionable woman.

– Dress for yourself: When you are a fashion lover, get dressed to go out, become a real party. Have fun getting dressed, even if you are going to the supermarket. When you are single you can spend a little bit more on your favorite designers, and you have time to try on your clothes and create the perfect mix and match. People will remember you for this, which leads you to making more friends. I used to have my own parties at home to do my mix and match clothes with a glass of wine, you always know what to dress for every occasion.

– Take as many vacations as you can: When you are single it is easier planning vacations out of your country because nothing is attached to you; the more people you meet, the more amazing adventures you will have. You also will be able to learn new languages, try new cuisine, and meet the fashion of other countries right there where everything happens. You will see the world in a different way, you will speak with more authority because you will know what you are talking about, becoming in an independent woman, plus it is fascinating having friends all over the globe.

I took a couple of travels with my girls and I still remember the fun we had and I also remain friends with people that I met during these travels.

My 305 Style: The last single girl in Miami


– Never compare with others: Do not compare yourself with your friends or colleagues. Comparing yourself with others will only set your mind for disappointments. Women have different styles, not only for fashion, this rule applies for everything: work, men, knowledge, etc. One woman is completely different from another and her taste and needs are different too, don’t forget that!

I remember one of my best friends in Venezuela, she was very pretty, rich, her house was amazing, and her husband was so in love with her and she always complained and made big scenes to him in public places. One day I asked her why she was always acting like that, and she said that every time she sees a beautiful woman, she compares herself with her and in her mind she was always the ugly one.

– Take your time: When you are starting to feel bored of dating, don’t be afraid to take your time out. Put yourself together get dressed and go out with your girlfriends. Make clear to everyone that you just want to have fun with the girls. Fun has another meaning when you are not thinking about men and you can feel sexy in your outfit just for yourself. It has a liberating feeling and helps to grow your self-esteem.

I remember when I said to my friends, no more dates, they were surprised of my decision. It was close to my 40th birthday, I was really bored of dating, so I threw a huge party to celebrate. I dressed in the most beautiful sexy dress that I could find in South Beach, but I didn’t pay attention to any man in the room, even though I have a couple of exes there. A month later, my fiancé came into my life and the rest is history.

-Trust the Universe: Always believe that everything will be ok! Have faith and enjoy the ride. Life is wonderful; the right man will come along when you are able to relax and enjoy your own life.

I realized that I was really happy with my single life one night that I was watching a movie next to my cat, Maximus, and I was talking to myself and laughing at the same time, it was priceless!

My outfit this time was designed by Samy Gicherman. His designs will make you fee like a princess even without man next to you…

His atelier is located here in Miami Beach at: 6948 Collins Ave #204.


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