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Club Play hosted ‘Official Billboard Latin Music Conference and Awards’

Latin Band, Proyecto Uno, Lissette Rondon President Miami Fashion Spotlight and
DJ Carlos Beltran.
Image: F. Diaz

The Official Billboard Latin Music Conference and Awards was hosted by Musical Rhythm Productions at Club Play, located in1045 Fifth Street, South Beach, on April 25th.

The night opened with live performances of great artists such as: Nicole Montiel, Sheenah, Lorenzo Duarte, Junay, Aiko, Wida Lopez, Fabian, Yerbaklan among others, in addition to Miami’s Top DJ that gave to the night a spicy feeling of being Latin.

DJ Rob Di Nero ran the night! and Eric Cuesta did excellent job, hosting the whole event.
Dark glasses was the “look of the night” between the stars!  and “Proyecto Uno” did the best performance of the night.
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Today, we display just Latin Stars,VIP People, Best Dressed of The Night, Live Performances and Best Performance of The Night!, Check it out!


Carlos “El Diablo” Ace J  and  Andres Ace J.
Image by F. Diaz

 Kike y Alexander.
Image F. Diaz
 Lex y  Nan-D. Image F. Diaz

“La Persecución”. Image F. Diaz 

“Jibaro Band”. Image F. Diaz

Vicky Shell and Edie Cham. Image F. Diaz
Carlos Yepez and  Gracia de Abreu. Image F. Diaz
Charles Street. Image F. Diaz
Ysset Boan and Lissette Rondon. Image F. Diaz

Vanessa Cruz and Singer Ariel.
Image F. Diaz

Michael Foster. Image F. Diaz
Yoan Gonzalez Rodriguez, “Mister Manhunt Cuba”.
Image F. Diaz
Mariela Fernandez and  Lissette Rondón.
Image F. Diaz

Melanie Thompson, Danielle Golder, Betty Vinson and
Lauren Monteagudo.
Image F. Diaz
Carlos Cuervo. Image F. Diaz

Karelys Puertas and  Kiria Cora.
Image F. Diaz

Fabb Abel and  Virginia Novaes
Image F. Diaz

Jenny Scordamoglia and Enrique Benzoni.
Image F. diaz

Carlos Yepez and Leidy Jaramillo.
Image F. Diaz 

Jeanette. Image F. Diaz

 DJ Rob Di Nero, Ysset Boan and Adrian Lazaga.
Image F. Diaz
 Ana Beatriz Martinez “Miss Cuban American 2011”, Luis Linares PR,
Ana Martinez “Miss Homesteed USA”, Antonio Miró and
Jaynie Hernandez ” Miss Bonaventure USA.”
Image: Frank Diaz.
Lissette Rondon and Rob Di Nero.
Imagen F. Diaz

Ysset Boan, Adrian Lazaga, Lissette Rondon and Frank Diaz.
Image: MFS


Leidy Jaramillo.
Image F. Diaz


Eric Cuesta. Image F. Diaz

Nicole Montiel. Image F. Diaz

Image F. Diaz

Sheenah. Image F. Diaz

J. Quiles. Image F. Diaz

Aiko. Image F. Diaz

Wida Lopez. Image F. Diaz.

 Image F. Diaz.


Proyecto Uno. Image F. Diaz

Image F. Diaz

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