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Lissette Rondon’s Birthday Party

Thoughts about my birthday: People who know me well have heard me say and write for so many years that Age is just a number!

50 is a big number in this society these days, but when I see this woman in the mirror, I only see a soul full of life + experience.

Aging makes me feel proud of myself and all my accomplishments, and I dare say getting old is a privilege; many people don’t live so long these days. The experience you get through the years is the best part of the process, just priceless!

Is age just a number?

What can I say about the number? Is age just a number?  I will continue to say that numbers don’t define our age. We define the number by the way we live our lives and the happiness we breath every day. There are very old 25 girls for the way they live their lives, and there are young 50’s ladies, like some of us, simply because we enjoy every moment. In other words, we make things happens. We always go for it no matter what. We don’t give up on life!

My Birthday Party

My 50 & Fabulous Birthday Party!

Frank E Diaz, Lissette Rondon & Erika Rondon. Credit: MFS

Recently, I had the pleasure of celebrating my 50th birthday with my husband, my family, my in-laws, my best friends forever, and some of my beloved colleagues, and we had fun!

I chose the theme “Sex and the City”, and I loved to see all my fashionista guests dressed as their favorite character of the movie or the series.

Thank you to all the Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Mirandas that came to my birthday and My Mr. Big, yes, my handsome husband! Come on, girls, don’t tell me you didn’t’ guess who was my favorite character.  My dress for this occasion by Nha Khanh, my shoes by Manolo Blahnik, my earrings by Kolleptin App

Images talk by themselves. Thank you Miguel Aya for capturing these moments!

“They say nothing lasts forever; dreams change, trends come and go, but friendships never go out of style.”

Carrie Bradshaw.

My 50 & Fabulous Birthday Party!

50 & Fabulous Birthday Cake. Credit: Miguel Aya

My 50 & Fabulous Birthday Party!

Lissette Rondon & Frank E. Diaz. Credit: Miguel Aya

Karmen Garcia, Ali Garcia & Irma Diaz. Credit: Miguel Aya

My 50 & Fabulous Birthday Party!

Lissette Rondon & Samy Gicherman. Credit: MFS

Lissette Rondon, Erika Rondon & Maria Quintero. Credit: Miguel Aya

Viviana Gabeiras and Christina Hampton. Credit: Miguel Aya

My 50 & Fabulous Birthday Party!

Raiza Perrault, Lissette Rondon & Brian Perrault. Credit: MFS

Jenny Ariza and Luz Dary Hernandez. Credit: Miguel Aya

My 50 & Fabulous Birthday Party!

Rafael & Viviana Gabeiras. Credit: MFS

Frank E. Diaz, Erika Rondon, Ignacio Mejia y Maria Quintero. Credit: Miguel Aya

My 50 & Fabulous Birthday Party!

Ross & Candi Berger. Credit: MFS

David Ramos & Francia Montoya. Credit: Miguel Aya

Rico Guimaraes & Diana Noris. Credit: Miguel Aya

My 50 & Fabulous Birthday Party!

Esther & Sonia Mayorquin. Credit: MFS

My 50 & Fabulous Birthday Party!

Francia Montoya & Aralvy Lopez. Credit: MFS

Lissette Rondon, Aralvy Lopez & Francia Montoya. Credit: Miguel Aya

Angelica Ramos & Maria Quintero. Credit: Miguel Aya

Raiza Perrault, Samy Gicherman, Lissette Rondon & Glenda Betancourt. Credit: Miguel Aya

Raiza Perrault & Lissette Rondon. Credit: Miguel Aya

Elizabeth Torres, Jonathan Torres, Christina Hampton and David Ramos. Credit: Miguel Aya

Viviana Gabeiras, Jorge Miller & Glenda Betancourt. Credit: Miguel Aya

Francia Montoya, Aralvy Lopez, Irma Diaz & Luz Dary Hernandez. Credit: Miguel Aya

Lissette Rondon, Viviana Gabeiras & Glenda Betancourt. Credit: Miguel Aya

Jorge Miller, Glenda Betancourt, Gustavo Sanin & Silvia Fassardi. Credit: Miguel Aya

Samy Gicherman, Candi Berger & Elizabeth Torres. Credit: Miguel Aya

Maria Quintero. Credit: Miguel Aya

My 50 & Fabulous Birthday Party!

Manuel Rodriguez & Aralvy Lopez. Credit: MFS

Miguel Aya & Francia Montoya. Credit: Miguel Aya

My 50 & Fabulous Birthday Party!

Irma Diaz & Lissette Rondon. Credit: Miguel Aya

Family and friends. Credit: Miguel Aya

Happy Birthday!!! Credit: Miguel Aya

50 & Fabulous! Credit: Miguel Aya

The celebration of life! Credit: Miguel Aya

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