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Roger Fischer takes over Miami: ‘The Cartel Heat’ to begin filming in early 2015

Roger Fisher takes over Miami: 'The Cartel Heat' to begin filming in early 2015
Roger Fischer.
Image: Courtesy of Gloria Bocaranda.

2015 is approaching fast with amazing projects that will place our city of Miami in the Spotlight! Miami will not only be a city of sun and beaches next year, but it will be also the location for the shooting of the movie “Cartel Heat!”

Written by Roger Fischer, the battle between Eduardo “Eddie” Jaramillo (Son of Ricardo Jaramillo, Pablo Escobar’s right-hand man in the 1980s) along with his partner, John “The Butcher” against DEA and FBI will take place in Miami’s waters and streets.

In order to get the exclusive for our readers Lissette Rondon got an interview with Roger Fischer, the Executive Producer of the film “Cartel Heat,” where he talked about his film, the challenge to shooting his story in Miami, the cast, and more.

Lights, camera, action!

Roger Fisher takes over Miami: 'The Cartel Heat' to begin filming in early 2015
Image: Courtesy of Gloria Bocaranda.

LR- Tell us how and when the idea for the film “Cartel Heat” was born?

“I wrote it three years ago. It was a series production to be made in New York City but then I changed it to Miami since I was relocating here. Then my co-producer Gloria Bocaranda gave me a better idea to turn it into a feature film and that’s how it ended up into a feature film in Miami,” said Fischer.

LR – Can you tell us a little bit about this production? What attracted you to this project and how did you become involved in it?

“Thanks to my production crew, co-producer Gloria Bocaranda, line producer, Cesar Mite and production manager, Jarrod Knowles, their experience in film production will make this a smooth production. The production will be done in Miami. Ninety percent of the production crew and ninety percent of the casting will be from Florida,” said Fischer. “I really didn’t want to do this project until after my comedy “HillBilLee Country” was in post-production but a major studio ended up with the script to produce, and I waited. After several months went by I decided to go to my investors and pitch it to them to start the production of Cartel Heat. They loved it before I even got to finish my pitch.”

LR- Are there any particular challenges to shooting this story in Miami? Why is our city the ideal scenario for this film?

“Yes there are challenges to shooting in Miami. One is the weather. Florida is not the best place for film production because of tax credits. But to make that up for investors there are people, city officials like the Mayors and businesses here in Miami and Doral that work with you to achieve your goal of production. The people of Miami are reaching out to help us cut costs so that I can stay in budget,” added Fischer.

LR – We have read that international actors have joined this production. What was the criteria to choose the starring actors and the cast in general?

“I have really great international actors. The actors I picked were from recommendation or seeing them on a TV Series or movie and attracted my attention that my vision of seeing a character in them I knew they would fit perfect. Maria Fernanda Yepes, one of the lead actors was picked for her role because she has the ability to give me the best character I need for a DEA Agent in real life. I believe she will give us a great character to remember,” said Fischer.

LR- Can you tell us about the team convened for the movie effects and what can people expect from them?

“We will be using a lot of special effects. There is a lot of violence and we will be shooting on a yacht by the water which calls for special effects. I want to give the best there is to the audience and that experience of action people expect to see in this type of movie,” added Fischer.

LR- Unlike other films about cartels, what can the audience expect from this film when they see it at the movie theater? What experience will they find watching “Cartel Heat?”

“My story is different from other cartel movies. You will see the real life of someone getting out of prison, no matter how much money they had before they were arrested, struggle to get back on top again,” added Fischer. “Every movie has a formula and you have to find the right mix and ingredients. Once done you have a perfect product. I believe this will be one of them. The audience will experience the reality of the violence behind the mafia and drug cartel when they collaborate.”

More information about ” Cartel Heat” please visit: www.rogerfischerfilms.com