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In exclusive: Stella Jean, ‘I enjoyed the beachwear experience at Miami Fashion Week’

In exclusive: Stella jean, ‘I enjoyed the beachwear experience at Miami Fashion Week'
Image: Courtesy of MFW

Miami Fashion Week 2014 brought this year’s best resort collections from all over the world, making the Miami Beach Convention Center the epicenter of colorful prints showcasing unique designs that amazed the audience.

Italian-Haitian designer, Stella Jean was definitely one of our favorite designers. We fell in love with the way the designer mixed different prints and made them work in a very fashionable way.

Jean opened the backstage doors to our founder and president, Lissette Rondon in a very exclusive interview where she talked about the collection, her experience at Miami Fashion Week 2014, inspiration and more.

In exclusive: Stella jean, ‘I enjoyed the beachwear experience at Miami Fashion Week'
Image: Courtesy of MFW

LR: How did you feel in our city of Miami?
“I already knew Miami well, I’ve spent a lot of time here in my life. A big part of my family lives here and since I was born, I have always spent two months in Miami for many years. So for me it’s a familiar place and I always appreciate its freshness, vitality and carefreeness,” said Jean.

LR: How was your experience at Miami Fashion Week 2014?

“I decided to present in this city something I think is strongly in line with the feelings of a place like Miami. I enjoyed this ‘beachwear experience’ and I hope I have given something with my contribution,” added Jean.

LR: What was your inspiration for your show tonight?

“The beachwear collection I presented is a mix of my previous collections. In particular, the Beachwear ones get inspiration from the suggestive black-and-white images of the aristocratic holiday destination of the 60s. The leitmotiv of the collection is the Wax & Stripes Philosophy, my personal signature that takes endless inspiration from the suggestions of my Italian-Haitian roots,” added Jean. “The bright colors of the wax prints play with striped fabrics and redefine the silhouette with swimsuits and outfits that give a retro-chic allure to the woman wearing them. Beachwear and clothing share a dialogue in a language made of social contaminations, and explore eras and latitudes in their search for a new balance.”

LR: What is your next project?

“I’m sorry, but I cannot share so much. I am very superstitious!” said Jean, smiling. “Any single project calls for the impetus of many minds and an equal number of wills. Revealing its essence in advance would mean undermining a huge amount of teamwork. I will let the audience find out for themselves!”

LR- Could you define your work and yourself with just 3 words?

“About my work I can say: trompe l’oeil, counter-colonization, metissage and about me: instinct, antithesis, memories,” added Jean.

LR- Your brand is an inspiration for many emerging designers. Would you like to give them any advice for success or inspirational message?

“To not be afraid to keep their DNA and their uniqueness, to not follow the mainstream and don’t copy. Trying not to pretend and being themselves,” Jean.

LR- Will Stella Jean come back for Miami Fashion Week 2015?

“Who knows?” said Jean smiling. “As I told you before, I do not reveal in advance anything about future projects. I do not want to talk before I have really done something.”