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A gift of love to benefit the Ricky Martin Foundation: Designer Dominika Pštrosová launches the new collection of “DP Tau” bracelets

Image by DP Bracelets
Czech-Brazilian jewelry designer Dominika Pštrosová, in conjunction with the DP design company, adds two new bracelet designs inspired on Tau, the symbolic figure that represents the Ricky Martin Foundation.

The first DP TAU bracelet made out of onyx saw its release last December, and it has become a collector’s item among those that support the Ricky Martin Foundation and his fans.

Coinciding with the celebration of St. Valentine’s Day, the designer now introduces two new designs featuring rose quartz, the stone that opens the heart to love, and red agate, both laminated in gold and with the Tau symbol on them. The bracelets can be purchased at www.DPbracelets.com/tau and at the Ricky Martin Pavilion, located on the second floor of the Plaza Las Américas shopping center in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

“No child should be a victim of human trafficking, or modern day slavery. More slaves exist today in the world than ever before in its history, and we need to abolish this crime together. Fortunately, there are many people working on this mission along with us, and they help us set a path of peace by supporting our initiatives. When you buy our Tau bracelet, you become a Light Warrior, and you give the gift of hope,” said Ricky Martin, president of the Ricky Martin Foundation and Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF.

The bracelets cost $79.00 (including postage and handling) and $20.00 are destined to this non-profit entity.

 For more information on the Ricky Martin Foundation, please visit www.rickymartinfoundation.org