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Face the Rain in Style!

Paris, 1965: A rainy day!
Leon-Claude Duhamel observes attentively as people rush by in soaking wet clothes. It is on this day that K-Way is born: a lightweight completely waterproof jacket folded in a small hip bag. Soon everyone begins to look to the practical jacket in nylon with enthusiasm, happy to leave the old umbrella at home. In the first year alone more than 250,000 pieces are sold. Perfected with time in terms of practicality and breathability, in 1970 the presentation of the new seasonal collection is met with great success.

Now, K-Ways are back in your pouches and back in your hearts. A blend of timeless classic jackets, new seasonal styles and cutting-edge fabrics is what makes the K-Way brand so unique. From simple zip-up windbreakers to upscale trenchcoats, anyone can find the perfect K-Way to look good and stay dry

K-Way offers a variety of stylish, light weight, waterproof jackets that will keep you warm and dry this winter, even here in Miami. Check it out: http://k-way.ca/en/