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My 305 Style: Behind the Masquerade!

My 305 Style: Behind the Masquerade!

The masquerade spread as a way of entertainment in Europe between the XVI century and early XVIII. It involved the use of music, dance, singing and artistic interpretation that use to be designed by a renowned architect to represent a different allegory.

Of course times have changed and although we do not celebrate our special events with masquerades, I particularly believe that with the clothes we wear, we interpret a different character where we express to the world how we are in the mood to relate with others.

In the film “The Duchess of Devonshire,” based on the biography written by Amanda Foreman, we see a captivating “Georgina” as a woman who was a fashion icon of the eighteenth century – her designs were admired and copied by aristocratic ladies of her time.

What was the reason that Georgiana loved fashion so much? The Duchess claimed that the way women dress was the only way of expression that was allowed to them, so “G” as she was named by her family and closest friends, found a way to drain her emotions through the clothes she wore, imposing different styles while she was hiding her unhappiness by an empty and loveless marriage.

But fashion not only serves to hide the bad, but also to irradiate the well. In our happy moments our clothes can be symbolic, as “Cinderella” getting ready for her ball; we dress for a special occasion with different styles and creativity and shine like a movie star—what a better way to exude passion for fashion than to be happy!

My 305 Style: Behind the Masquerade!

In conclusion, fashion will always be our best ally when we’re happy as “Cinderella” or when we are sad as “Georgiana.” Fashion will be the best therapy to drain emotions, mask different characters in different styles.

No matter how the situation is in our lives, fashion will always be our best tool!Speaking of masquerade, I would like to invite you to meet “Masquerade in Prague” Collection by a Venezuelan designer, Viviana Gabeiras. I fell in love with a couple of her designs from this collection but the one that I am wearing in the photos of this article is my favorite; it is sexy, stylish and ideal for hitting the nightclub scene in the midnights of Miami (more information about this collection, please visit Mypetitpois.com or shop at our Facebook Fan Page.

See you in the next article, that is, if I don’t see you before in one of my events or should I say “Masquerade?”