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Accessory Report: Fall-Winter Must-Haves

Accessory Report: What is the one thing women of any age can’t live without fashion wise? Accessories, accessories and did we say it? Accessories! Why accessories are so important? Because you can wear them every day in hundred ways possible and still manage to look different. Shoes, bags, sunglasses, belts as well as jewelry, can change completely an outfit. Additionally, accessories can totally help us express ourselves in the most unique way. Depending the style you’ll pick, you can achieve chic, feminine, rock or even aggressive looks, just by changing your accessories.

What are must-have accessories though? It’s easy! The pieces that you can’t live without and can mix n’ match them literally with your whole wardrobe, over and over again. Consider them as the salt and pepper of fashion and you’ll get the point immediately. Even the simplest clothes can become glamorous with a gorgeous pair of shoes or a statement bag.

So here are all the must-have accessories for Fall 2017, that every fashionable woman should wear to update her looks perfectly!

Metallic Shoes

Accessory Report: Fall 2017

Metallic shoes like high-heeled pumps, mid-heel ankle boots or sandals in silver, gold and fuchsia are the shoe option to choose right now for a fashionable look to rock around Miami. Especially a fuchsia metallic shoe, can easily transform any outfit into a statement one. Pair it with black or burgundy clothing and you are good to go for this Fall.

Tiny Sunglasses

Accessory Report: Fall 2017

We all love a good pair of oversized sunglasses, don’t we? They are sexy and can “hide” imperfections when we didn’t manage to have a good 8-hour beauty sleep. But have you ever thought of how refreshing a smaller pair could be for your style? This Fall is all about tiny sunglasses that took over Miami beach; we must say that they really look different, youthful and add character to a simple “jeans and fashion-forward t-shirt” outfit. Bella Hadid and famous girls around the globe made them their choice. You?

Feather Sandals

Accessory Report: Fall 2017

Want to make statement appearances wherever you go? Feather sandals are your best friend to achieve that. Paired with your favorite little black dress, they make the ultimate head-turning option. You can rock them on the red carpet or on any other fashion event you want to make sure you will stand out! Confidence and powerful style combined.

Golden Accessories

Accessory Report: Fall 2017

If it was possible to pair the word fabulous with a color, then this would be for sure gold. One of the most eye-catching colors that makes every outfit pop day or night. This Fall, you can wear it as beautiful jewelry to complete your look, on your makeup as your eyeshadow, or even on your nails for a trendy touch. Golden girls unite!

Blur Handbags

Accessory Report: Fall 2017

Which is the ultimate accessory this season? Hands down the blur brown handbag. You can create a match made in heaven by styling this kind of bag with bronze and gold outfits to make it pop even more.

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