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Under the Spotlight: Alberto Meza, The Man Behind The Perfect Smile

In the fashion world, we know the importance of choosing the right accessory for our outfit. But recently, the fashion world has been featuring surprising trends moving towards something else… Cosmetic Dentistry!

The slogan “You are never fully dressed without a Smile” is taking red carpets, celebrities, social media, and the Spotlight, leading us to a new aesthetic era.

There is a man behind this trend: Dr. Alberto Meza, one of the only two members south of the United States accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) and founder of Meza Dental in Costa Rica.

We had to put under our spotlight this talented Doctor who is willing to create a perfect smile in every mortal, promoting his Dental Tourism in Costa Rica.

Lights, camera, and Pura Vida!

Under the Spotlight: Alberto Meza, The Man Behind The Perfect Smile

Miami Fashion Spotlight: How did you get the idea to create ​​your cosmetic dentistry service center?  How did it expand beyond Costa Rica?

Alberto Meza: Before graduating as a dentist, I worked as a tour guide and noticed there were many tourists who came to Costa Rica on vacation and they had dental needs. But in 2002, when the internet began to take force, I decided to develop a website to do marketing for my services. In that moment, nobody did it. I took it as an adventure, and it turns out that became popular and boomed.

One day, the phone rang at the clinic, and they told me there was a call from ‘Discovery Travel and Living’. They had a show called “Top 5”. They ranked the Top 5 destinations in Latin America in any category, and they made one in medical tourism, and I was within those five as the best dentist.

It struck me that the power of exposure was so high and they would have noticed my proposal. They came and did the show, and it was aired, and we grew in popularity. Since then, different media in the United States have interviewed us, even television networks – we also won an award in Europe. This was how our international exposure began and our reputation grew. 

MFS: Do you consider that you innovated for that moment?

AM: Absolutely. Today, there is a lot of offer and demand. As in all markets when something is working, people imitate and everyone may participate. But you must maintain, not only as a pioneer, but as a leader of the industry, and that costs because you should innovate; you must keep up with the latest.

Alberto Meza, The Man Behind The Perfect Smile

Alberto Meza and his passion…

MFS: What part of your job do you enjoy the most?

AM: The challenge of changing something that was presented and transforming it into something wonderful. The moment I accept the challenge, I begin to create ideas. The most rewarding moment and what makes me happy is when the work is finished and the person changes.  When the smile changes, everything changes, even the patient’s attitude. People do not smile when they are not comfortable with their teeth. When you put beautiful teeth to a patient, the patient smiles even without being asked.

MFS: What would be the most significant recognition you have received in the professional field and for what reason?

AM:  The accreditation of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry . This accreditation demands studies and execution of cases evaluated by a tribunal that is highly qualified. Only 350 members have been accredited between dentists and dental technicians, and there are very few outside the United States. In Latin America, we are only two, a person in Mexico and me.

MFS: Why would you say you are one of the best cosmetic dentists?

AM: The title flatters me. I do not know if I am the best, but I give the best of me. I always give my soul, life, and heart, so the results are ideal. The most important thing is the trajectory. Being recognized by my own patients, recommended by them, and feeling good every day when I leave my office, knowing I gave the best. It is difficult to talk about yourself, but I believe it is a process of growth in the professional life, which has given me good results and good representation.

Under the Spotlight: Alberto Meza, The Man Behind The Perfect Smile

The perfect smile as a fashion trend

MFS: What is the service most requested by your clientele?

AM:  Today, there is something called ” Digital Smile Design”.  This personifies the smile of everyone. We all have different characteristics. People have bigger lips, wider mouth, darker teeth, etc. All this can be corrected through digital designs. Designs are made through photographs and, with the help of computer technology, projections are made of how the teeth would look.

MFS: Speaking of “fashion”, tell us about your experience featuring the perfect smile as a fashion trend in the red carpet and show business.

AM: That’s very interesting. We always say, “You are never fully dressed without a Meza smile.” Many people try to dress well, and there is nothing wrong, but a smile is like the final detail, and it is the fashion accessory always with them. It is an accessory that people use all the time. We have promoted this on different red carpets where all the fashionable people are in the eye of the spectator; everybody wants to take photos or interview them. And always the best looks come accompanied by a special smile.

Recently, we shared with many Hollywood stars in the Oscars, and we had the chance to improve their smile with teeth whitening. Our proposal was “Get ready for the red carpet” and it was a whitening kit that lasted three days. We gave it to them on Friday and told them that by Sunday they would be ready. As simple as that! Those were minimal changes, but it helped them a lot.

MFS: In conclusion  Dr. Meza is there the perfect smile?

AM: Yes. Absolutely!

Under the Spotlight: Alberto Meza, The Man Behind The Perfect Smile

Dental tourist: Costa Rica as destination

MFS: Do you have a Dental Meza in our city of Miami?

AM:  I do not have headquarters in Miami. People travel to Costa Rica and combine their dental treatments with vacations. Costa Rica is a great destination today, and people come to enjoy the beaches, mountains, and a glamorous life in San Jose, where there are designers and good gastronomy. We sell the idea of ​​coming to Costa Rica to enjoy vacations and take advantage of the visit and change their smile with us, without transitional stays with provisional plastic teeth.

MFS: Do you have a dental tourist package for the people who want to go to Costa Rica to make their perfect smile?

AM:  We personalize the packages. Since the contact with us begins, we offer it according to the interest of the patient. Many just want to get dental treatment and rest. We coordinated what kind of package can be made, so they can visit touristic attractions if they are interested. There is the possibility of our guide and our suggestion for beaches, volcanoes, and places of interest.

Under the Spotlight: Alberto Meza, The Man Behind The Perfect Smile

Achieving success over time

MFS: We all know when a trend is created, the most difficult thing to do is maintain. What have you planned to keep this trend successful over time?

AM: For the moment, we will continue innovating. Never stay behind with the developments of technology, since people get informed and always want the latest. Now, we are very strong with all these digital technologies. We don’t know what it will come, but trends are always maintained for a lapse of time, and they change. I think it is simply a matter of keeping up with the world of dentistry and good service, since dental needs will always exist.

MFS: Finally, one last question with which we always close our interviews. Could you define yourself and your work in just three words?

AM: Persevering, passionate, and of course, perfectionist.

Under the Spotlight: Alberto Meza, The Man Behind The Perfect Smile

More information about Dr Alberto Meza, please visit: mezadentalcare.com

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