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Interview | Eco-friendly Designer Alexis Carballosa

Lissette Rondon and  Fashion Designer, Alexis Carballosa. Image by F. Diaz

With his motto “beauty is eternally preserved”, Fashion Designer, Alexis Carballosa, has been impacting Miami and South Florida with his stunning eco- recycled designs.

After his success in 2010, creating an exact replica of a Valentino’s gown for the premier of the movie “Valentino The Last Emperor” at the Lincoln Theatre in Miami, where he showed to the world, the art of recycling designs with a gorgeous red dress, made out of onion bags, shower curtain, and paper flowers that took everybody’s breath away; Carballosa continues creating a positive change in Miami, through his art, fashion and designs.

Lissette Rondon, Founder and President of Miami Fashion Spotlight, got an exclusive interview with this Venezuelan young eco- designer, where he talked about his beginnings, next projects and success as eco-fashion designer.

Lissette Rondo and Fashion Designer, Alexis Carballosa. Image by F. Diaz

LR-How did your passion start for fashion design?

AC: “Since I was 8 years old, I remember being wrapped in fabrics and drawing, because my grandmother had an atelier. My parents used to work hard; while they were working I helped my grandmother cut patterns, fabrics and keep the atelier. After many years, I also helped her to embroider, creating a special connection between her and me. Today we still share this passion; I owe my inspiration for fashion design to her”.

LR – Tell us about your beginnings in Venezuela?

AC: “When I started traveling with my parents, I began to learn about other culture that developed my passion for drawing, my parents enrolled me in the school of art and design, because instead of paying attention to my regular school subjects I kept drawing and painting. I started drawing on napkins or any used material that I could paint on. I’m still hold on to all those designs. They are my most precious pieces of art.”

Image by F. Diaz

LR – Tell us about your recycled collections that have become a huge success in Miami and South Florida?

AC: “This started since I lived in Venezuela, working with many foundations, such as: Children with Down syndrome, AA… while I was working with them, I also began making additional campaigns about the important of the healthy environment and showcasing my recycled designs at these fund raising events. When I researched the necessity on having a healthy environment I realized the same phenomenon was happening in other countries, which caught my attention; I started designing my collections of recycled materials with more passion.”
“The act of doing something that people consider “unwearable”, a design that people think it can not be worn anywhere, has caused a sensation throughout the world, although I have been criticized for it, while I have been immensely appreciated by others.”

LR-Who are your favorite designers that have been a source of inspiration?

AC: “Galliano, Alexander Mac Queen and Jean Paul Gaultier are my inspiration, but I do not believe in copies.”

 LR- Could you define yourself and your work with just three words?
AC: “Sensitive, spiritual, intense.”

“Confidence is the key to make things come your way.”

 Alexis Carballosa
Miami Celebrity Fashion Designer

 Eco-Designs by Alexis Carballosa

Photos: Carlos Contreras

Hair & Make up: Jorge Quivera
Models: Garbo & Class, Venezuela
Art Director & Designer: Alexis Carballosa
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