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Doriana Richman: Jewelry with Spiritual Meaning

Spiritual? Jewelry with a meaning? Giving back? That’s just a few of the things that “Stone Symbol Jewelry” stands for. Doriana Richman embarked on the journey of launching her jewelry line in early 2017. Since then, she’s experienced great success and positive feedback from her collection. The line is based in Malibu, California and she is currently working on assembling boutiques.

Miami Fashion Spotlight got an exclusive phone interview  with her where we could explore the story of the brand further more. Check it out…

The Inspiration Behind the Brand

Doriana Richman: Jewelry with Spiritual Meaning


MFS: Where did you get the inspiration for your jewelry line?

D.R.: Stone Symbol Jewelry was inspired by my visit to the city of Ephesus, an ancient Greek city on the coast of Ionia. It was in this city that I came across an ancient secret symbol, which had emerged as a code to those seeking refuge from religious persecution. And that’s where I got the inspiration from and wanted to start this line.

MFS: What does this ancient secret symbol means and represents? 

D.R.: The symbol, was carved into the walls and walkways of the city’s streets. It is recognized as the first symbol of Christianity, Unity, and a Spiritual Birth of Humanity. After thousands of years of wear, the symbol is still visible to this day. It was this symbol of acceptance and protection that led me to share this message of unity with the world.

Doriana Richman  & Her Eternal Pieces

Doriana Richman: Jewelry with Spiritual Meaning

MFS: Let’s talk about the actual pieces of Stone Symbol Jewelry. What is their characteristic and what different styles the collection features?

D.R.: I’ve designed each unique piece of my jewelry to convey its history and intrigue. Stone Symbol comes in three different metals. Meaningful gold, rose-gold and sterling silver pieces allow a person’s skin tone to radiate through each piece. Every color and design is arranged to fit anybody, and allow individuals to be unique. The collection is for both men and women and transcends time.

MFS: How would you describe Stone Symbol Jewelry’s value throughout time?

D.R.: Stone Symbol Jewelry is a piece of history you can wear today and tomorrow. It is simply eternal elegance.

MFS: What’s your goal with this unique jewelry collection?

D.R.: I want people to feel connected. When you put beautiful things in water, molecular levels of water gravitate towards it, seeing beautiful things makes people happy.  This is exactly what Stone Symbol executes.

Stone Symbol Jewelry: Proudly made in USA

Doriana Richman: Jewelry with Spiritual Meaning


MFS: Where can we find Stone Symbol Jewelry pieces now and what is their price range?

D.R.: These unique and cultivated designs are now on sale on the website. The cost really depends on the material of the piece. For example, the chains and materials are imported from Italy and each piece is proudly made in the USA.

MFS: Finally, how do you feel about Doriana Richman’s jewelry line being made in the US? And why it is so important for you? 

D.R.: Yes, the line is being assembled in the US and that really matters to me, as I want to give back to this country that has given me so much. When things are manufactured oversees it definitely affects the quality and this is something we surely don’t want for Stone Symbol Jewelry.

More information about Doriana’s pieces, please visit: Stonesymbol.com

Doriana Richman: Jewelry with Spiritual Meaning