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Fashion Encounter with Kollectin App

Being a fashion influencer has many challenges, as you always must be careful in order to inspire women in a positive and also a helpful way. Times like this one, when I collaborated with a very exciting new fashion jewelry project called Kollectin a few days ago, make me the happiest. Why I’m getting so excited? Because when I introduce you, my fellow girls and women to such amazing things that make your lives a bit easier, I can’t help myself from being full of joy…

Just one click away

Let’s talk about the actual project! Kollectin, is a new app you can download straight to your smartphone and literally create your own jewelry fashion store in the simplest way possible, harnessing the power of direct wholesale pricing from the designers. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Forget all the hassles traditional stores feature; if you have ever dreamed of a shop like this, then you can totally go for it.

At the end of the day, since technology is here to help us make everything fast without even needing a laptop, why not use it to make our wishes come true? Fashion lovers, influencers and women who desire to own a business in the jewelry department, no matter if you are 20 or 40, you can create something unique, fuss free and super quick.

Kollectin App & My Favorite Pieces

I’ve had the pleasure of picking my favorite Kollectin pieces to use them in a super fun photo shoot. The best part doesn’t end there; the photo shoot with the gorgeous jewelry pieces that I got to choose, was directed by my lovely husband who also took the pictures. When my husband goes behind the camera the outcome is always great as you can imagine!

My own experience…

Last week, I attended Trina Turk’s shopping event wearing the ultimate Kollectin piece; an amazing clear and gold duo consisting of a necklace and a beautiful pair of earrings (Hanna Earrings & Hana Necklace). The reaction I got from people that were there was extraordinary, as well as the many compliments from everybody on my Facebook page.

As you’ll need an invitation to download the app, we are glad to give you this opportunity and see you make a difference in the fashion world! Don’t delay your success any longer; your business is awaiting for you!

Download the app here: http://kollectin.me/miafashionspot

Fashion Encounter with Kollectin App

Hanna Earrings & Hana Necklace.

Fashion Encounter with Kollectin App

Hanna Earrings & Hana Necklace.


Elizabeth Necklace & Lori Bracelet.


Paige Earrings & Olivia Bracelet Set.

Fashion Encounter with Kollectin App

Paige Earrings & Olivia Bracelet Set.


Fashion Encounter with Kollectin App

Lori Bracelet, Elizabeth Necklace, Paige Earrings & Olivia Bracelet Set.

You can follow Kollectin on Instagram: @KOLLECTIN #Kollectin.


Images by Frank E. Diaz for MFS

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