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Fashion Trends: The rise of the yellows

Happy 2018 fashionistas! The first thing we do every year is start with the color of the season along with all our recommendations for the “new me” in this exciting first quarter of the year.

Remember, we closed 2017 with the fabulous red and all the sexy options this color brought to us at the end of the year. Well, let me tell you, we rise in 2018 more powerful than ever with yellow!

Amazingly, yellow is the color of sunshine (remind us our sunshine state: Florida) and is good for female empowerment since it also builds confidence. We must be careful not to wear so much of this energetic color because sometimes it is associated with jealousy. That’s why we always recommend mixing or matching with black to achieve a balance and not lose focus.


  • Skirt Suits

    Fashion Trends: The rise of the yellows or Yellow fashion

Since the suits are back in style and we are fans of skirt suits, our ultimate outfit idea is a tailored yellow skirt suit combined with gorgeous black knee-high boots. You can mix them with a lovely piece from your vintage wardrobe like your favorite black t-shirt. This way you are combining the old and the new you in an updated 2018 version of yourself!


  • The Yellow Dress

    Fashion Trends: The rise of the yellows or yellow fashion

What can be more empowering than a short yellow dress? Find the right dress for your type of body and embrace your femininity with your yellow viewpoint. The black Peep toe pumps and the little clutch add sexiness to this outfit. You will be radiating confidence everywhere—a fashionable beginning for your 2018.


  • The Coolest Combo

    Fashion Trends: The rise of the yellows or yellow fashion

Not a fan of monochromatic outfits? Neither are we! Stand out in 2018 by wearing your favorite little black dress with the new season chicest yellow sandals and your most sophisticated designer yellow bag. You can add more color to this outfit with red or blue jewelry. This combo could be your lucky charm for the whole year!


  • The Yellow and the Beach

    Fashion Trends: The rise of the yellows or yellow fashion

Here in Miami, we are in summer season almost 364 days of the year. We have the privilege of living in a city with beautiful beaches and gorgeous sunsets. Every week there is a pool party on our agenda, a hot one-piece swimsuit is a must-have in women’s wardrobe. Dare to rock your first pool-party of 2018 by wearing a vibrant yellow one-piece swimsuit and catch every single eye for sure.