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Gucci’s 2024 High Watchmaking Collection: A New Era of Horological Excellence

Gucci has once again captivated the world of haute horlogerie with its latest offering, the Gucci High Watchmaking Collection of 2024. This collection not only represents a new chapter in Gucci’s horological journey but also sets a new standard for innovation, sophistication, and precision in luxury timepieces. Among the highlights of this collection are the exclusive GUCCI 25H Minute Repeater, the transparent GUCCI 25H Skeleton Tourbillon line, and the exquisite Gucci Interlocking, each showcasing the brand’s commitment to pushing boundaries and creating exceptional works of art in the realm of high watchmaking. Let’s delve deeper into these groundbreaking creations that define Gucci’s 2024 High Watchmaking Collection.

GUCCI 25H Minute Repeater: Redefining Watchmaking Mastery

Gucci High Watchmaking Collection | GUCCI 25H Minute Repeater

GUCCI 25H Minute Repeater. Photo Credit: Gucci | Courtesy of Gnazzo Group.

Gucci’s pursuit of horological excellence reaches new heights with the GUCCI 25H Minute Repeater. This exclusive timepiece not only exemplifies Gucci’s mastery of watchmaking but also introduces innovative features that set it apart from the rest. With a minute repeater mechanism activated by an innovative rotating bezel, the GUCCI 25H Minute Repeater stands as a testament to Gucci’s dedication to craftsmanship and design ingenuity.

GUCCI 25H Skeleton Tourbillon: Transparency Redefined

GUCCI 25H Skeleton Tourbillon

GUCCI 25H Skeleton Tourbillon. Photo Credit: Gucci | Courtesy of Gnazzo Group.

Transparency takes center stage in the GUCCI 25H Skeleton Tourbillon line, where the fusion of technical precision and artistic expression creates a captivating visual experience. With new interpretations in transparent sapphire glass, these timepieces offer a 360-degree view of their intricate skeletonized movements, showcasing Gucci’s avant-garde approach to watchmaking.

Gucci Interlocking: A Symphony of Complications

Gucci High Watchmaking Collection | Gucci Interlocking

Gucci Interlocking. Photo Credit: Gucci | Courtesy of Gnazzo Group.

The Gucci Interlocking collection embodies the harmonious blend of complications, featuring a flying tourbillon and jumping hours in a mesmerizing display of motion and depth. This masterpiece showcases Gucci’s attention to detail and expertise in haute horlogerie, promising to become a timeless classic for aficionados of fine watches.

Gucci’s 2024 High Watchmaking Collection epitomizes the brand’s commitment to pushing boundaries and creating iconic timepieces that transcend mere functionality. With a focus on innovation, sophistication, and impeccable precision, Gucci continues to redefine the art of watchmaking, leaving an indelible mark on the world of luxury horology.


Gucci High Watchmaking Collection |  G-Timeless Planetarium

G-Timeless Planetarium. Photo Credit: Gucci | Courtesy of Gnazzo Group.

The G-Timeless Planetarium stands out for its distinctive and inimitable 12 rotating precious stones that encircle a central tourbillon. A special start-and-stop function activates the stones to spin on themselves in 9 seconds, and clockwise around the dial in 90 seconds. A chromatic explosion now enters the collection: fiery tones of opals and garnets and yellow beryls give way to verdant peridot and tourmaline, as tranquil hues of topaz and tanzanite are rounded out by amethysts and pink rubellites. The stones’ vibrant charm is further enhanced by a textured guilloché base. The center tourbillon is crafted in a diamond-set flower motif, a design that’s echoed on the caseback. Sized at 40mm, the watch comes in either white or pink gold, accented by contrasting blue or subtle golden accents.

More information about the brand, please visit: Gucci.Com

“A man with a watch knows what time it is.”

—Lee Segal

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