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Independence Day: ‘Fashion Heroes’ of Miami

Independence Day is the biggest celebration of the year in the USA. It’s our federal holiday that commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain, on July 4th, 1776. It’s associated with fireworks, speeches, ceremonies, family reunions, and also reminds us of our great heroes that made this country the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Today, we still have real heroes among us; people who make a difference in our community; helping the economy by being sources of employment, and bringing back our proud hallmark: “Made in USA.”

In our adventure for Miami’s fashion world we have met some of these heroes; we called them “Fashion Heroes of Miami.” They have been working hard rescuing fashion in the Magic City, they have been awarded for their efforts, they have been promoting Miami everywhere they go, and their companies are great sources of employment.

In this special 4th of July edition, we would like to pay tribute to Miami’s top designers: Viviana G, Samy Gicherman, Julian Chang, Ema Savahl and Nicolas Felizola, along with beauty entrepreneur, Glenda Betancourt.

We would like to honor their passion for fashion as our daily heroes. We also decided to add a little of Hollywood’s touch to this edition and turn these amazing citizens into their favorite super heroes.

Lights, camera, action!

Viviana G (Wonder Woman)

Independence Day: ‘Fashion Heroes’ of Miami

This super fashion shero is a “Miami’s top designer.” In 2007 Viviana won the CILA award for “Best Coordinate Mod-erate” in New York. Recently Viviana G was awarded with a “Prêt-à-Porter Style” award at MBIFW.

She identified herself with the unforgettable super shero “Wonder Woman.” As a public figure, Viviana travels nationally and internationally promoting her brands: “Petit Pois by Viviana G,” “Viviana G Couture,” and this year her new brand “Tee’s by Viviana G.” Viviana uses her superpowers by bringing complete awareness of who we are in Miami.

Follow our conversation with her here: https://miamifashionspotlight.org/miami-best-designers-2012/viviana-g-a-super-fashion-hero-of-miami/

Samy Gicherman (Men in Black)

Independence Day: ‘Fashion Heroes’ of Miami

Photo Credit: Humberto Vidal.

This fashion super hero is another fabulous “Miami’s top designer,” he also teaches the art of dressing well. He identified himself with the very popular, “Men in Black.” Samy has been invited as a Latin designer living in the USA to present his collection at renowned fashion events including “Miami Fashion Week.”

Recently, he created the center of fashion and designers called “Fashion Koncept” where all creative individuals can develop their brands.

Read more about this super fashion hero, check out our exclusive interview with him, here: https://miamifashionspotlight.org/miami-best-designers-2012/samy-gicherman-a-super-fashion-hero-of-miami/

Julian Chang (Captain America)

Independence Day: ‘Fashion Heroes’ of Miami

Photo Credit: Humberto Vidal.

This super fashion hero is another great fashion designer that has been awarded at Miami Fashion Week as: “Prêt-a-Porter Designer of the Year” and the “Prêt-a-Porter Style Award.” He also received top honor such as: “Ebenzer Award of Honor World Fashion in Korea,” “Florida International’s Designer Star Winner” and “Vogue En Español,” among others.

He does a lot of traveling for his business to L.A., Chicago, New York, and Las Vegas, using his super powers promoting his line and showcasing it on major markets. “I feel by doing these promotional travels I am always promoting Miami,” said Julian.

More about this interview, please click here: https://miamifashionspotlight.org/miami-best-designers-2012/julian-chang-a-super-fashion-hero-of-miami/

Ema Savahl (Cat Woman)

Independence Day: ‘Fashion Heroes’ of Miami

Photo Credit: Humberto Vidal.

This beautiful ‘Super Fashion Shero’ was recently awarded “Excellence in Evening Wear” at Miami Beach International Fashion Week.” Ema identified herself with the hot and fabulous super hero “Cat Woman.”
With a library of 60,000 pieces of wearable art garments inspired by the colorful nature of Miami, the blue skies and turquoise oceans, this talented designer promotes her collections in the most affluent and cosmopolitan areas in US and the world, including Paris, London, Berlin, Hong Kong, Dubai, St. Tropez, and Mallorca, among others.

Read more about Ema Savahl as “Super Fashion shero”, check out our exclusive interview with her, here: https://miamifashionspotlight.org/miami-best-designers-2012/ema-savahl-a-super-fashion-hero-of-miami/

Nicolas Felizola (Batman)

Independence Day: ‘Fashion Heroes’ of Miami

Photo Credit: Humberto Vidal.

This amazing super hero is a great “Miami’s top Designer.” He has been esteemed with top honor awards, including “Tiffany & Co. Designer Choice Award,” “Tiffany & Co. Men’s Style Award” in 2010, and the “Victoria Puig de Lange International Style Award” at Miami Fashion Week in 2012. He was recently awarded with the Medal of Merit by the US Congress.

Felizola identified himself with the unforgettable super hero, “Batman.” He designs for people who understand the concept of styling through artistic expression; using his super powers to interpret their internal desires of self-expression, his key to making them feel confident.

Read more about Nicolas Felizola as a “Super Fashion Hero,” check out our exclusive interview with him, here: https://miamifashionspotlight.org/fashion/nicolas-felizola-a-super-fashion-hero-of-miami/

Glenda Betancourt (Robin) 

Independence Day: ‘Fashion Heroes’ of Miami

Photo Credit: Humberto Vidal.

This “Super Fashion Shero” is a beauty entrepreneur. Glenda Betancourt is the founder of GP Natural Cosmetics. She identified herself with the amazing super hero Robin who is always next to “Batman.” Glenda uses her superpowers: creativity, inspiration, and confidence to achieve her goal—“the satisfaction of those who want to be in the magical world of fashion and beauty.”

Read more about this beauty Robin “Super Fashion Shero,” check out our exclusive interview with her, here:  https://miamifashionspotlight.org/miami-best-designers-2012/glenda-betancourt-a-super-fashion-hero-of-miami/

Independence Day: ‘Fashion Heroes’ of Miami

Photo Credit: Humberto Vidal.

 Independence Day: ‘Fashion Heroes’ of Miami

Super Heroes, you always prevail! Keep doing a great job!


Special thanks to our super heroes behind the scenes that made this 4th of July editorial possible:

Our Super Photographer: Humberto Vidal

Super heroes of Hair & Makeup: Rocco Donna Hair & Beauty Art (Ethian & Regina)

Our super celebrity Chef: Jackie Salas.

The best ally in fashion: Jonathan Torres

Our super beauty line: GP Natural Cosmetics.

Our super location: Canyon Ranch Hotel Miami Beach.

“The man behind this super woman”: Frank Diaz


Written by: Lissette Rondon

Edited by: Alexis Diaz.

Contacts: miamifashionspotlight@hotmail.com