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Alexis Carballosa: Fashion, Art, and Love for Nature

Much of what set Miami-based Venezuelan designer, Alexis Carballosa, apart from the rest of the fashion designers is that he has always supported the environmental movement, creating awareness through his collections.

This talented designer has always blazed his own trail and demonstrated a fearlessness in trying new styles by making a majestic fusion between his passion for the plastic arts, his love for nature, and his undeniable determination to preserve the environment—resulting in amazing pieces of wearable art!

His work has impacted Europe and South America, leading our designer to win the “Best Styling Award” from Valencia Fashion Week in Spain where he dazzled the audience with his latest “Caoba” Spring-Summer 2015 Collection.

In an exclusive interview for Miami Fashion Spotlight, Carballosa opened the doors of his ateliers to our founder and president, Lissette Rondon, where he talked about his award, his collection, predictions for 2015, and more…check it out!

LR- Tell us how you felt after you won the “Best Styling Award” in Valencia Fashion Week in Spain?

“It was an honor to receive recognition among so many great designers that were at Valencia Fashion Week,” said Carballosa.

LR- Tell us a little about your latest collection “CAOBA” – what was your inspiration for this collection?

“CAOBA, as its name says, is inspired by this exotic and valuable timber species currently threatened due to the high demand and nearly extinct in some countries. The reason that it attracted my attention and why I highlighted in this collection, I wanted to support the green movement,” said Carballosa. “The collection is gathered towards an elegant, sensual, and daring female with dresses of dramatic volumes, architectural draping, and plunging necklines; skirts with tailored waists, suggestive transparencies, and elegant lines.”

LR- Define the concept of the “Carballosa Woman.”

“The ‘Carballosa Woman’ is a woman that is elegant, edgy, sexy, bold, and most important, she is sure of herself,” said Carballosa.

LR- Do you think fashion has evolved in Miami?

“It has evolved only in fashion Resort, because it is a tropical city where there are no seasons,” added Carballosa.

LR- If you had to dress a celebrity who would it be and why?

“I love Cate Blanchett, because she has all the characteristics of a ‘Carballosa Woman.’”

LR- What are your predictions for 2015 in terms of fashion?

“I think that fashion was born in the creative mind of every designer, I do not believe in predefined patterns, everything depends on the countries and their cultures,” said Carballosa.

LR- We have a few questions that you can only respond with one word:

– Favorite Collection: “CAOBA”

– Most influential designer in your life: “Galliano.”

– Place of Miami that you like most: “Bal Harbour “

– Special moment that you will never forget: “The standing ovation from the audience at the Valencia Fashion Week at the end of my fashion show.”

– Where does Alexis Carballosa buy his clothes? “I made my own clothes!”

– Favorite book: “EXILE of Richard North Patterson.”

– Music that relaxes you: “Chill-Out”

– Film that you would watch a hundred times: “The Help (Against discrimination of race, sex, and religion).”

– Favorite artist: “Laura Pausini.”

– Person who has taught you more in your life: “Grandma.”

– How do you see yourself in five years: “With my brand expanding to several countries.”

Images: Courtesy of Alexis Carballosa’s Team