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Behind The Look-Book Shoot of ‘Gratitude Collection’

Athina Klioumi during the photo shoot of “Gratitude Collection”-the look-book.
Photo Credit: Eduardo Hernandez.

By Lissette Rondon.
When you feel grateful in life, the universe responds immediately with more blessings! Since designer Lisu Vega and actress Athina Klioumi came out with the name “Gratitude Collection” for our fashion collaboration, the reaction was: WOW! We knew that the best was yet to come.

Yesterday, it was the photo shoot of the Gratitude Collection at Pickypics Studios in Doral and it was so much fun! Two more professionals came along with good energies and great attitudes to our philanthropist project, fashion photographer Eduardo Hernandez (Owner of Pickypics Studios) and make-up artist, Roberto Ramos.

It was a blast to watch the “it” team working to make Lisu Vega’s vision come true. The photo shoot evolved with Lisu directing, Eduardo behind his lens, always in tune with her, while Roberto was shaping and styling the model of this collection, our own diva, Athina Klioumi.

Athina Klioumi and Roberto Ramos.
Photo Credit: Frank  E. Diaz

Photo Credit: Frank E Diaz.

Photo Credit: Frank E Diaz.

What about Gratitude Collection?

We know for sure there is no better diva that Athina and the collection speaks for itself. During this photo shoot it was apparent that they were made for each other, va va voom! You can tell from the results!

And for as us, always the messengers, behind the scenes, somebody has to tell the story.

We would like to invite you to buy and follow “Gratitude Collection” at our fashion blog soon. A portion of the profit will benefit the Miami Symphony Orchestra.

Eduardo Hernandez and Lisu Vega.
Photo Credit: Frank E Diaz.

Roberto Ramos, Lissette Rondon, Eduardo Hernandez and Lisu Vega.
Photo Credit: Frank E Diaz.
Eduardo Hernandez, Lissette Rondon, Athina Klioumi, Lisu Vega and Roberto Ramos.
Photo Credit: Frank E Diaz.