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‘Ole Unlimited Accessories’ opened first flag store in Miami

Ole Unlimited Accessories' opened the first flag store in Miami

By Silvia Fassardi.

Amerly Centeno had an idea a few years ago; her love for fashion and accessories is well known among her circle of friends and family.

Since she moved to Miami she decided to take on a new venture called “Ole Unlimited Designers Gallery,” a company dedicated to representing the new, fresh generation of Venezuelan jewelry designers.

She has a special taste for buy fashion jewelry and accessories; rough stones, chunky pieces, and bright colors, makes Ole Unlimited the perfect place to buy gifts and statement elements for your wardrobe.

 'Ole Unlimited Accessories' opened the first flag store in Miami

Now their first flag store is open in Miami. It is a beautiful place with white walls and jewelry everywhere, crystal chandeliers that look almost like water drops, and a very cute white love seat with two “LOVE” printed pillows. In addition, wine and delicious chocolates are always being served.

Ole unlimited represents some of the best talents such as Erika Yelo, Liliana Avila, Dalila Gebran, Mec, and Septimo Jewelry. Don’t forget to stop by next time that you think: “I need to run to a birthday party what should a buy as present?”

Ole Unlimited is just the placefor you. Showroom 2357 Coral Way, Coral Gables Fl 33145. Tel: (786)5212927 www.oleunlimited.com

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