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Exclusive Interview: In the colorful life of Viviana G and her “Color Me Candy” collection

In the world of fashion some designers’ hearts are not shaped by convention, their beats are louder, bolder, and adventure– they create a new wave that only can be defined by their own signature!

Viviana Gabeiras is one of them. This iconic Miami-based Venezuelan designer is known in Miami and USA for her colorful and ageless brand for women: “Petit Pois by Viviana G.” Her constant search for inspiration has allowed Gabeiras to travel around the world, resulting in collections mixed with diversity of cultures, as well as making a name of herself and leading her to win in 2013 the “Icon Designer” of the year award at the Humanitarian Awards at Miami Fashion Week.

In her continued rising this year, Gabeiras strikes again by launching her “Color me Candy” Spring-Summer 2015 Collection. The collection uses bright and neon colors along with colorful prints, resembling patterns, handcrafted work, flowers and some playful silhouettes of Burano Island in Venice, Italy–the highlighted inspiration for this collection.

Lissette Rondon, founder and president of Miami Fashion Spotlight, had the opportunity to sit down with Gabeiras at her atelier in Miami where she opened up about her inspiration, trends, predictions, and more.

Lissette Rondon- Burano Island was the inspiration of your “Color Me Candy” Spring-Summer 2015 Collection. What do you find fascinating about it?

Viviana Gabeiras: “Color me Candy” collection was created to bring the Burano lifestyle to everybody and make them feel happy as they are. I can’t help but to have feelings of admiration for the people of Burano, not only in creating and keeping the island, but also for their way of living virtually in happiness, peace, color, and love. I felt like, what could happen if I leave behind everything and live my life? My reaction was no other than to express and explode in color, I wanted to bring Burano through my collection what I saw and felt.

LR: What are you excited about for Spring-Summer 2015?

VG: We are a brand that mixed around the casual sport with a chic lifestyle, a big trend, then the bright colors with neon accents, the swing playful printed skirts, which they are to play a big statement in this spring 2015 season. The prints are another important factor, some big and bold, handcrafted inspirations also will be highlighted in the season, sheerness in all kind of fabrics, and of course we are predominantly a mesh company and all sheer and soft fabrics.

LR- How do you think that women respond to this new collection?

VG: They will love it. This collection was also inspired by the legend of Burano that said that fishermen painted their houses in different colors for them to see from far away when they were fishing, while the ladies embroidered, seated and laughing, and children were playing as free as you can imagine; multicolored flowers on balconies, all you could see was color and peace, and I said to myself “I am in Paradise!”

LR- What do you think the biggest trends for 2015 will be?

VG: Decorative Tassels.

Transparent, especially full skirts.

Athletic inspirations.

The waist becoming an accent, the cropped square high waist top.

The summer suede.

Navy will be the new black.

Culottes or also known as wide leg cropped pants.

Bold prints, big floral.

Kimono style belt.

Cut out shoulders details.

Seventies Style.

LR- What is your message for the new 2015?

VG: Live happy, live in color, and express yourself!

More information about this collection, please visit: www.mypetitpois.com


Images: Courtesy of Petit Pois by Viviana G