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My 305 Style: Getting the Scoop

My Style 305: Getting the Scoop

People associate being successful with being millionaire. Our society is obsessed with money instead of connecting to its passion. Little do they know that people who think that everything is money in this life, they will do anything to get it, so definitely end badly.

It takes time to find your personal legend and courage and perseverance to focus on what you want, especially to overcoming our defeats. “A man who fights for his dream suffer more when something fails,” says Paulo Coelho in his book the “Alchemist”. “When he starts to pursue his dreams, the man has no experience and make many mistakes. But the secret of life is to fall seven times and get up eight.”

My Style 305: Getting the Scoop

I started writing in 2010, after closing my two stores in South Beach, with the feeling of having lost my own way. One morning, navigating internet, got my attention the emergence of the bloggers – a new era of independent writers who had risen on internet sharing their expertise– which encouraged me to open my first blog in Spanish.

My first articles were about self-help and they delivered some followers, which made me feel a little more motivated. Then I ventured to write in English so I applied for Examiner.com (one national web-site with millions of followers) and more impressive, they hired me—that immediately opened many doors for me.

One day, looking for interesting material to write about it (at that time I didn’t have enough connections in Miami) I saw an article from another colleague announcing that Victoria’s Secret’s Angels were coming to town to promote a perfume – reminding me of my experience in Venezuela with my TV show (the reason why I came to Miami, I wanted to bring my TV Show to USA) made ​​me finally come out of my comfort zone and try to get this interview for my next article.

I requested my credentials as media press and received fast confirmation saying, “Your name is added to our media list”. As every human being who embarks on a new adventure, my mind began to carry me with negative thoughts; “if I do wrong?” “I don’t speak the language very well!” etc…

But my boyfriend (my fiancé today) seeing me so indecisive, gave me what I needed it saying: “You can do this!” with an attitude of confidence that he transferred to me, like a blood transfusion.

I laugh every time I think about it, but when I was on my way to Aventura Mall towards this event, I thought about to return home like four times fighting with the other me who was telling me “Came on just try.”

I didn’t noticed the media’s interviews were an hour before than the public (I was scheduled my interview at the wrong time)–when I get there the media had interviewed the models already and there was a huge crowd in line to be photographed with the ANGELS, that made me panic.

Pale and not knowing what to do, I saw a young men approaching to me (turned out to be a friend of the organizers) and smiling said “The interviews are done, but I can talk to the person on charge to help you in “, I answered a “thank you” almost as a whisper.

A few minutes later I found myself talking to a beautiful woman (she also looked like model) who was on charge of the media and told me in a very amiable tone “I’ll make an exception, you can interview the models.”

I was happy on my mind but my body still did know how to deal with my nerves… The impossible had been achieved so I said to myself “Well Lissette, God brought you here for a reason, it’s now or never” –feeling at that time that I was on my way again, I had gotten the opportunity to pursue my passion, only this time instead of TV was as a blogger.

In short words, I interviewed Victoria’s Secret’s famous Angels: Adriana Lima and Lili Aldridge in front of hundreds people – the “Angels” were very receptive with straight answers– ending up talking about the “Roques” island in my country Venezuela, where they recently had been in the photo-shoot for the Summer catalog of Victoria’s Secret .

To make a long story short, everything started that day — I have not stopped of being focused since then I also opened my blog in English becoming later in a real company dedicate to bringing the exclusive scoop and news about the world of fashion in Miami.

Besides that, I have represented designers, I have interviewed Grammy award singers, I have gone to the best events, I have been sitting in the front row of the best fashion shows of this city and even better, I get invitations from all over the world from people who known me through my work.

Now if you ask me if I am a millionaire, I must confess “no”, not yet. But if you ask me if I’m successful, I look back and answer undoubtedly “YES”, appreciating all that I have achieved.

Today I have projects with people, who seemed unreachable when all this started. All good things in my life started when I overcame my fears, it all started with this interview that I did despite my nerves, when I went for it and took the scoop … the day that I truly became a Fashion Blogger!

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