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My 305 Style: The Simple Sexy Dress

My 305 Style: The Simple Sexy Dress

By Lissette Rondon.

Miami is a city where women show more skin than any other place in the United States. This is due to the influence we bring from our Latin countries.

The sexy dresses are the go-to outfits for nightclubs, beaches, restaurants and shopping malls. But when exactly is the perfect time to wear them?

We cannot wear the same dress pattern to work, going out with friends, going to a wedding or any other invitation, just because we are in Miami.

I have seen many pictures on Facebook and Twitter including local celebrities, and most of them only change the color of the dress–the model remains the same, almost like a uniform.

I think variety is good taste in fashion. We should not standardize our style to a single model of dress and mistakenly thinking that it is the only way to look sexy. Well I have good news- there are plenty of varieties out there!

My advice is to use your creativity. Creating sexy outfits using palazzo pants, blouses with one shoulder out, long skirts with one leg in the air, pencil skirts, dresses ¾ long with sheer sleeves, etc…

So when the opportunity comes and you want to wear a simple sexy dress you will be the attraction of the place.

I recommend my latest acquisition: A simple dress, designed by Samy Gicherman, which has two of the most important things in a dress, sensuality and elegance.

I combined my dress with black sandals, also simple and sexy, from Steve Madden and I believe it worked best. I wore this outfit to attend a Hispanic event where there were a number of girls with sexy dresses, but this model caused a sensation … the magic of variety!

This dress is available at www.samy-gicherman.com