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My 305 Style: When Art Becomes Fashion

My 305 Style: When Art Becomes Fashion
Image: Frank Diaz

By Lissette Rondon.
I will begin my column this week talking about art. Art is defined as any activity or product that the human being does with an esthetic or communicative purpose, expressing ideas, emotions; their worldview.

Although I am not an art expert, the arts always call my attention and I love to go to museums. I manage to go to the museums in each country that I visit. They allow you to learn so much about the culture of these places; it’s something that I find fascinating.

In my work as a publicist, I have the opportunity to represent the Venezuelan fashion designer, Lisu Vega. In 2012, it was an experience like no other, because Vega is an artist who designs her own fabrics with her art, and with them she designs her fashion collections.

At that time she had just launched her collection “NINA” which I found interesting, putting my attention only on the lines of the collection and not on the prints. Interviewing with her later for planning the promotion of her collection, I noticed that the prints of the fabrics were butterflies and looking more closely, I found a silhouette of a woman who was through many transformations. 

My 305 Style: When Art Becomes Fashion
Image by Frank Diaz.
At that point she blew my mind with this design; I realized that I was facing a real artist, who reminded me of the “Hallucinogenic Toreador” (one of the most popular artworks of Salvador Dali). From that moment I began to follow her fashion collections. As a “fashionista” I love originality, which I found in the designs of Vega.

Time passed, my work with her was over but we continue to maintain relationships, culminating in a good friendship. I’ve seen her launching collections as, “Contemplation” (inspired by the oxidation of pieces found in the street, in an area of ​​Miami), “Magnolia,” and “Tropic.” All of them, without exception, have been spectacular. A dress by Lisu Vega is a piece of art on our bodies. I can say that our designer-friend has found her own style, the type of style that identifies a designer without seeing the label.

When people are persistent and have talent, success follows. Vega has recently won the Easter Air Lines Uniforms Competition at Miami Fashion Week and then she was invited to launch her new collection in New York Fashion Week, which was a great success. She came out with her collection “THE BEAST” inspired by the train used by migrants between United States and Mexico, costing lives.

For Vega it has not stopped raining yet. In the meantime our designer remains true to herself, keeping her originality, which is what brought her here and definitely is what will take her far! 

My recommendation this time is the long casual dress (on the photo) from her collection called “Contemplation,” the perfect choice for a dinner outing on one of our beautiful full moon nights. Remember to pay attention to the prints of the dress, they spark imagination, something unique that many people will appreciate.

See you next week!

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