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Samy Gicherman: ‘I have the experience to win’

Q& A with Samy Gicherman: “I have the experience that my fashion career has given me to win!
Lissette Rondon, Founder & President of Miami fashion Spotlight and Fashion Designer, Samy Gicherman.

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LR-How do you feel about being selected as one of the five finalists?

“I feel very blessed and grateful with the life for this new opportunity, after so many years of work and effort, being able to design uniforms for a prestigious company such as EAL is something that has made my life take another direction filled new challenges,” said Gicherman.

LR- What was the first thing you did when you got the good news?

“The first thing I did after receiving the amazing news was share with my team, they played a key part; of course my family, and then finally I started this new adventure,” added Gicherman.

Q& A with Samy Gicherman: “I have the experience that my fashion career has given me to win!

LR- Tell us a little about your proposal, how would you dress the new flight attendants?

“My proposal for new flight attendant uniforms is inspired by a true design form, simple and delineated with feminine details, with an influence of the elegant costumes of the 40’s, where the most important points were simplicity and female glamour,” said Gicherman.

LR- What was the inspiration behind your proposal?

“There were factors that contributed to the designs such as nature, Flora and Fauna, elements like earth, sea, air, the wildlife and of course the evolution of fashion throughout the years,” said Gicherman.

LR- Could you define your proposal with just one word?

“CHANEL,” added Gicherman.

LR- The rules of this competition require that each designer propose a futuristic design, tell us a little bit about yours.

“My futuristic design was inspired by a flight attendant after 50 years where humanity is affected by factors such as science, technology, architecture and even transportation,” said Gicherman. “I imagine them flying in small capsules with very sophisticated airports, where fashion needs to take new risks–silhouettes very tight to the feminine body, where the texture is affected by air velocity but with a seductive and elegant touch.”

LR- What do you think it takes to win this competition?

“I think first, that the competition is very competitive with many designers that have great knowledge in the field of fashion. But I think I have the experience that has given me this fashion career, and has been supplemented with my delicate work. And this project gives me the opportunity to create something very sophisticated but at the same time modern, feminine and glamorous. Also, that everything is within expectations and requirements set by the client, EAL.

LR- If you could pick another finalist, beside yourself, to win this competition who would it be and why?

Well, we all are very good designers and I think each one has waited for this moment and this opportunity and deserve to win but if I had to pick someone to win, she should be LISU VEGA, for her work, perseverance and desire to strive and give out her beautiful work.

LR- What will be the first thing you do if you win?

I think this would fill me with pride and happiness and I would continue working as I have done for 25 years, and still enjoying these great opportunities that life gives me. Nothing changes, it is just a project that is part of my life, and it has to be enjoyed and fulfilled with much dedication.
Q& A with Samy Gicherman: “I have the experience that my fashion career has given me to win!
Images by Numas Guerra.